Thursday, May 4, 2017

[TRANS] 170504 Jaejoong Instagram Update

Jaejoong: #keep_the_faith

Jaejoong: Opened the lemon tea I received as a gift~

Credits: Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Hey, what's up??? Why aren't there any updates and news???

  2. Hello, why this site not update again ? Where are you admin ? Are you sick or there's something else ? I like to see this site everyday to see news about DBSK and this is very helpful for me and I thank you so much for admin's hard work. Please update this site

  3. Yeahh what happened admin?😯 This site & Princejj is the only site I get updates about Dbsk. Sadly both site been hiatus..😭😭😭 Many info about Jaejoong mostly has been miss😢😢

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  5. I really, really miss having this site to turn to for all things TVXQ! I have not been able to find another site even remotely comparable to this one...please do come back and start updating again. I've been checking in often and it's so sad to see no new updates in all these months...
    I hope all is well with you admins.