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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 170228 Jaejoong 2017 Asia Tour ~The Rebirth of J~ in Saitama

  • JJ: Everyone is on high energy today. Will today be good? Of course!
  • JJ; It's sad that today is the last Live in Japan. Tho we didnt originally have yesterday and today, but thanks to everyone Encore happened
  • JJ: I am about to change now. A bit embarrassed to do it in front of you. I don't like to do this. Fans: ehhh. JJ: who do you think I am?!Lol
  • JJ: I lost about 16 kgs in 60 days.
  • JJ: it's not embarrassing to wear sparkly costumes because a lot of fans today are wearing flashy clothes as well.
  • JJ: Yesterday is 3.5 hours? I have to do 3.5 hours today as well
  • JJ: about 430 pm, people went to the toilet. I also did. It's refreshing. Did you wash your hands?
  • JJ: I really got good info before the show today. "Metcha Ikemen" very handsome. I only listen to good feedback.
  • JJ: Day befor yesterday, i felt something is itchy on my face. Seems like an acne appeared in the middle of the night. Can you see it? No?
  • JJ: I think if you drink 3-4 cups of whiskey before a live, the body condition will be better. I didnt drink yesterday.
  • JJ: But today is the last day so I get drunk for everyone.
  • JJ: When everyone jumps, the equipment at the venue shakes. So please jump. Let's break the con venue.
  • JJ: cute? I am happy when people say it even if i'm in my 30s. But if in my 40s it will be a bit awkward to say i'm cute
  • JJ: next song. Fans: ehh~ JJ: huh? No? A bit longer? Fans: a bit more (they want JJ to talk) JJ: but there are still a lot (of parts)left!
  • JJ: it's impt to make people laugh but I have to go the next song. it will be interesting if I can talk for 30 mins. Yes, next 2 songs.
  • JJ: The next song is... fans: ehhh~ JJ: I will continue with the next song and I want to let you hear it. Please listen to it~
  • JJ: My friends say that even Japanese musicians do not have ments as long as this.
  • Today the camera is not good and can't see JJ clearly. JJ: sorry my aura is strong
  • JJ: My dream is to live happily everyday and forever with everyone.
  • He sang part of Melody and Harmony~
  • JJ: you'd like me to throw a kiss? Recently I can't do it since I'm shy. (But while he is saying that, he kissed the screen)
  • JJ: somehow I feel lonely today and I feel weird. I've been so happy to be able to come so many times. I feel like we can meet again.
  • VTR: I was a bit scared cos it's been a long time and I don't know what to do if you will not come to the Lives but I'm glad so many came.
  • JJ is singing while sitting on stage. JJ: tired. Pls give me time to rest a little.
  • JJ: Am I rehearsing before the Live? it is not fun to rehearse "good morning night" alone. It's fun to do it with everyone.
  • JJ: I am ok to do it 1 more time but it might be hard for the band. (Drum roll?) Band seems ok.
  • JJ: I caught a cold so I have a runny nose.
  • JJ: One song can't be 30 minutes. It's almost the same time as having 4 or 5 songs finished
  • JJ: pls enjoy the last 2 songs. I will wait backstage to hear everyone's voice (for encore)
  • JJ: (the shout for encore) seems a bit louder than usual. I had goosebumps backstage when I heard it.
  • JJ: i'm having difficult time now. cos the ash (from the firework?) entered my throat. Live is ending as well
  • JJ: People usually eat delicious food when the Live is over, right? I only ate salad yesterday cos of the Live today.
  • JJ: if you eat alot, you can't drink. I will eat a lot starting tomorrow.
  • JJ: i'd like to do a Zepp tour
  • JJ: Fans from the start will understand, but for new fans may think that this live is really done by a foreigner?! I'm trying my best.
  • JJ: eveyone is my amore
  • JJ: i'm just being playful but seems like 10 mins have already passed
  • JJ drank water before throwing kisses. JJ: everyone can't feel but my lip is mochi mochi (squishy?)
  • JJ: Sarangheyo. I'm a bit shy to say it in Japanese.
  • JJ: Today is the last day. I finished (the live). I feel like I can come back soon. I will see you again
  • JJ: it's hard. Really. I want to say 100% of my feelings, from my heart, but there are things I can't say.
  • JJ: I think there are lots of things to understand even without saying.
  • JJ: i have a past that I never forget. There are those who liked me from 10 years ago and there are those who liked me last year
  • JJ; let's look forward to seeing each other 5, 10 years from now. i will work hard. Can I please count on you (yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
  • JJ appeared again
  • JJ shouted without mic: thank you! everyone! Let's make a promise. See you again!

  • JJ: Thank you so much. There's no mic. 😂 But everyone! Let's make a promise. Let's meet again! Please be careful~
  • Start: 17:04. End: 20:53. Saitama D2 was 3 hours and 49 mins!
  • JJ: I want to work in JP next year or after 2 yrs. I want to stay for a day w/ everyone who got picked via lottery & in up to 5 areas in JP.
  • JJ: I want to do a ZEPP tour. The old days are much better & it's much closer to the fans, too. It'd be difficult but I want to do it. (도피)
  • JJ: I went to hang out w/ my friend yesterday. We went to eat delicious food, but I didn't eat. It's because I'm a man who manages himself✌️
  • JJ: So, I ate one Subway yesterday. I wore a costume like this, but my stomach is sticking out... (via dopi)

  • Jaejoong knocked onto the mic when he was speaking. He said it's a habit since more than 10 years ago and he can't change it
  • Jaejoong: I pay attention to what you guys are saying. Like just now I heard someone say Jaejoong is a handsome guy
  • Jaejoong: My heart softens when I hear you guys "eh~" me. So take advantage of this. Understand?
  • Jaejoong: Someone said I'm cute. I will be happy if I can still be called cute when I'm in my 40s
  • Jaejoong: Masaharu Fukuyama is really handsome, and I want to be someone like him. And I am who I am, I have my own characteristics.
  • Jaejoong: You might think it's bad, but I used to drink 3-4 cups of whiskey a night before concert, so that I can be hyped next day.
  • Jaejoong: The day before yesterday, there was a pimple on my face. There was even blood! Probably even 10cm of makeup cannot cover it.
  • During dress code segment, Jaejoong sang a bit of Colours (Melody & Harmony).
  • Fan asked Jaejoong to do a kiss and he did a flying kiss. Jaejoong: I'm not good at this now. I feel embarrassed. / But he suddenly went close to the camera and kissed. Jaejoong: "It's better if I do it properly"
  • Fans asked for one more time. Jaejoong got the codi to apply lipstick/lipbalm and he kissed again.
  • Jaejoong: I get runny nose when I'm with the people I like. Others, I'll act cool. Once I'm with ppl I like my mucus keeps flowing. [YJLB]
  • Jaejoong said he ate subway's salad after concert yesterday, to maintain his figure.
  • After Jaejoong cried and left, fans continued to shout for him. JJ returned to stage despite removed his mic. Vid credits to ichikinosama.
  • JJ: Shouting to you from the stage, can you hear me? I don't have mic. Everyone, let's make a promise. We must meet again! Thank you! (vid)
  • Jaejoong: Many people came today. I'm really happy yet lonely but I'm more happy! I know we will meet again. My prediction won't be wrong.
  • Jaejoong: Here, there are people who just got to know me, also people who have known me for a long time. Present is important to me, but 13 years ago is equally important. I'm anticipating how we will be 5 or 10 years later. [松鼠蘑菇君]
  • JJ: While it contains lots of hardships, to me, memories from 13 years ago are those that I did not forget & will not forget.
  • Jaejoong: In the past few years, there were many painful memories and unhappy events. But we will overcome and our happiness will arrive.

  • His friend told jae that there is no artist in japan who talks so much lol
  • A fan's board "Oppa you are more beautiful than girls"
  • JJ: my dream is to live a happy life forever with you all. Hahaha
  • Jae 'chu~💋' to the camera
  • JJ: I have a runny nose in front of ppl I like. It comes out like a water. I caugh a cold and not feeling good. I think I have an allergy?
  • Jae wants to do Zepp tour
  • "Lets make a promise! Lets meet again!" Jaejoong shouted without his microphone. He never say 'goodbye', but 'see you again'😢
  • JJ: I am not shy when I say "Sarangheyo" to everyone but if I say "aishiteruyo" it makes me feel shy

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