Monday, February 13, 2017

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 170213 Jaejoong 2017 Asia Tour ~The Rebirth of J~ in Osaka (Day 1)

  • JJ said he was thinking of eating or sightseeing, but he decided to sleep for a bit bc of his condition. He ended up sleeping for 12 hrs lol
  • When JJ was saying that he lost 1.5kg, someone shouted: "Tell us how you lose weight!!!!" And JJ laughed lmao
  • Someone wearing a dress (like a two piece dress) jumped. Her bra was seen when she jumped and JJ became red + covered his eyes. 🤣 (via dopi)
  • JJ: When the concert ends, you'd be hungry right? But a lot of fans would go eat, so you all can't enter the store ;;
  • JJ: So when the concert ends, go to the hotel and (eat) cup ramen. (T/N: He pronounced cup as kop. kop ramen wwww)
  • JJ: Why did you become a fan of me 10 years ago? Fan: I was not a fan that time~ JJ: Okay, next fan!

  • JJ: I thought about sightseeing or eating around Osaka. But I fell asleep for 12 hours.
  • Color of the jacket for Osaka is Red.
  • He lost ~1.5 kgs since he arrived in Japan. A fan from the venue shouted: "tell us how to lose weight!" JJ laughed.
  • He gave away towel again
  • JJ: is everyone having fun? Fans: /screams yes/ JJ: Me too
  • Before when some told me 'Jejung is cool!' I dont have much reaction. But now when you say 'Jejung is cool' I can't help but grin. Cant stop
  • Makes me weak (flutter) when you say 'Ehhhh' Pls dont say it. (But fans still say it lol)
  • JJ: there was a test to find whether one is S or M. I'm M!
  • One board says: After ten years, marry my daughter and call me Umma. JJ: Umma~~
  • JJ: After going to the Live, all of you get hungry right? Restos are full so I can't even go. I went back to hotel and just have a ramen cup
  • 2 hours and ~10 more songs in the setlist. No wonder JJ said he talks too much that it feels like a fanmeet instead of a concert lol.
  • A fan asked JJ to say 'Kotomi, work hard' JJ: Good luck with your konbini?!(convenience store)
  • Kotomi san was jumping up and down and her undergarment was shown. JJ covered his eyes
  • The mic stand comes out. There's a note saying to proceed with the next song but JJ said he will not follow.
  • The con has been going on for 3 hours already so I guess the staff is worried about the time~ 10 PM already in Osaka
  • JJ: It's not fun if I just stand on stage by myself. But because everyone is here we are having lots of fun.
  • Backstage, I asked how long was the Live now, staff told me 3 hours 15 mins. Really?! Then I changed my clothes so fast.

  • Jaejoong lost 1.5kg and fans asked Jaejoong to teach them how to lose weight. Jaejoong laughed out loud lmao
  • Jaejoong slept more than 12 hours in the hotel
  • Jaejoong said regardless if you are Japanese or Korean or Chinese fan, all Jaejoong fans are the cutest. (ichikinosama)
  • Jaejoong admitted he talks too much, so much he doesn't know if this is a concert or a fanmeeting 😂 (ichikinosama)
  • Fans were shouting something and Jaejoong asked what are they shouting. After some time... Jaejoong:... pikachu? 😂 (偶吧挖刚大木)
  • Jaejoong: I'd be hungry after the concert. But fans will fill up the restaurants nearby, so I can only return to hotel for instant noodles.
  • Jaejoong: I won't be eating. Pls enjoy. If you don't eat today, you can start dieting. (A fan asked Jae to tell her to start losing weight)
  • Jaejoong: Although I am not an extreme masochist, I took a test which revealed I am a masochist. 😂 (kinoko)
  • Jaejoong said he watched a show talking about okonomiyaki and was thinking if he should eat it today.
  • Jaejoong then said it's fine even if he doesn't eat it. He feels full from everyone's love. 😏👌 (kinoko)
  • A fan asked Jaejoong to say kotomi gambette (her name). Jaejoong didn't hear clearly: kotoshi (this year)? Konbini (convenience store)?
  • After Jae heard clearly and said it, fan was so excited she kept jumping and her skirt almost dropped. JJ shyly covered his eyes. 😂 (kinoko)
  • Jaejoong: why did you become my fan 10 years ago? Fan: I wasn't your fan 10 years ago. Jaejoong: Alright next please 😂 (JP-KR: dopi)
  • Jaejoong: I was told that it has been 3 hrs. Shocked, I quickly changed and came out. Will there be any problems going back later? (偶吧挖刚大木)
  • Jaejoong: Everyone must feel this fellow (Jaejoong) is having so much fun in Osaka right (蘑菇Kinoko)

Credits: As tagged + PPeha + crystalmoon0213
Translated by: Paulisteu + Yunjaery + rubypurple_fan
Shared by: DBSKnights

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