Friday, February 10, 2017

[FANCAM] 170207~09 Jaejoong 2017 Asia Tour ~The Rebirth of J~ in Yokohama

170207 - Day 1

One Kiss (Japanese ver.)

Kiss B


Love You To Death

All I Desire

Good Morning Night

I'll Protect You


170208 - Day 2

One Kiss



Run Away

Welcome To My Wild World

Good Luck

Good Morning Night


Encore - Love You More

Encore - Just Another Girl (Japanese ver.)

Double Encore - I'll Protect You + Ending

170209 - Day 3

Kiss B

Good Morning Night

I'll Protect You

Full audio

Credits: JYT, m_12626, 萌个毛, Betheone, BmySunshine via Myherojaejoonglove + ayajae11 + Mami Maeshima + ikumi mikuiku + Rinmaze + min min
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