Saturday, January 21, 2017

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 170121 Jaejoong 2017 Asia Tour ~The Rebirth of J~ in Seoul (Day 1)

  • JJ: It's been a long time. I'm civilian Kim Jaejoong
  • JJ: Before I enlisted... HAHAHAHA I had a concert here before I enlisted rightㅋ
  • JJ: I had my last concert here. I cried a lot, I was weeping when I went but thinking about it today, I feel embarrassed. It was like that.
  • JJ: I was thinking recently that the stage is my home. But I don't change my pants on stage. I should change, right? LOL
  • JJ keeps on saying "it's been a long since i did this and that"
  • JJ: Everyone, I missed you a lot. T_T
  • The vcr for 다시 만났지만 다시 만나겠지만 has videos during Spy, last concert before enlistment, and filming of hologram con
  • Looking for the people who followed the dress code wwwwww first camera is looking for the first fan
  • He thought the first fan is from Japn, but fans said she's from china haha
  • JJ: I can't get married? My mom, dad, and my whole family are all here. Fans: YEEEEES! JJ: Dad. Mom. I'll be disobedient 😂
  • JJ: But all of you are dating and getting married! It's just me???! Fans: YEEEES DONT DO IT
  • JJ: It was really awesome during those 10 years. A lot of amazing idols debuted, but I'm really 3x thankful that you still like me.
  • JJ: Wow~~ (laughs) It's been a long time. (breathes) It's been two years LOOOOL
  • JJ said he made the album because he doesnt want the fans to be bored for two years
  • JJ said that there are only two songs left but if the fans will shout his name very loud, he'll come out again www
  • JJ saying he is a civilian againㅋ
  • JJ: Can't take it off cos I haven't been working out lol
  • HAHAHAA Fans kept on shouting "take it off" and JJ said "IT'S COLD!!!!" XD
  • JJ called the fans "perverts"
  • JJ: The concert will end soon Fans: NOOOO ;; JJ: I don't like it too! I really hate it because it's been so long since we last met T_T
  • jj asked a fan if how old is she and she(?) said she's 70???
  • JJ: I'm in my 20s? Fans: ME! JJ: In 30s? Fans: MEEE! JJ: 40s? Fans: MEEEEEE!!!! JJ: No, what 40! You're younger than me!
  • Guy to his gf: "Don't worry about anything. Focus on the concert. You need to watch JJ. Even if I have nosebleed, focus on the concert."
  • Omg the 70-year-old fan! It's her bday today and she said that today was wonderful cos she got noticed by JJㅠㅠㅠ (cr: jj_jyj0126) -PIC-
  • When the fans were singing I'll protect you, he said, "Ayy~~ you're doing well"
  • JJ said the fans were sad (cos con was ending) but he kept on talking, plus he said that everyone will go home and he needs to go home tooㅋㅋ
  • During the end JJ: Don't say AHHHH!!!! You should just go "Ah~~" This one is better. Fans: Ah~~~ JJ: Ah scaryㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (wth jj)
  • JJ: My hair was not growing fast, so I've thought a lot of times if I should just use shampoo that would make it grow fasterㅋㅋ (ksi0817)

  • Jaejoong consider to wear a wig because worried about his hair is not growing fast 😂 but scared the wig will drop when he shaking hard 😂
  • (VCR) Jaejoong: I never stopped myself for these ten years and when I wanna give up, you guys hold me up."
  • Jaejoong took off his shirt again at back stage
  • Jaejoong let the camera capturing his tummy and then he keep shaking........ 🙈 cr: 然_YJLoveforever
  • Jaejoong picked a fans who wearing a mask of jaejoong during balloon era which holding a banner written: “J ❤️ Ho” 😂😂🙈 cr: 楠楠思密达哟
  • Jaejoong said he will have many activities in 2017 and think of many fans will come to look for him. cr: 金在中点康
  • This is the fans' boyfriend who got praised from Jaejoong said he's very handsome 😂 cr: 刺 (PICS)
  • Jaejoong said he will have new works after his tour ended ^^ yay
  • Jaejoong said he had insomnia in serious way last time. He dream himself is going to dead but because of us, he thinks he's still alive 😭
  • there's a 70 years old ahjumma at the concert and jaejoong is shock 😂 cr: 金在中点康
  • Fans: Take it off! JJ: No! I din work out for exercise! Fans: Take if off! JJ: I'm shy! Fans: Take it off! JJ: You guys are beon tae!

  • Jaejoong: It's been a long time. I miss you. I am civilian Kim Jaejoong. It was -8 dc that day when I discharged. It's -8dc today too.
  • Jaejoong: I am Kim Jaejoong who appears when it's -8 dc. I am always related to rain and snow.
  • Jaejoong let his fringe down today. He's wearing a black shirt and white coat (that blings!)
  • Jaejoong: I was worried today because it must be cold to queue at the concert entrance right?
  • Jaejoong: I had a concert here before I enlisted. I even cried. I still feel embarrassed when I think back of that day.
  • Jaejoong: But it was my true feelings. It's not because of enlistment. I was sad because I had to be separated with you.
  • Jaejoong: I was sad because I had to be separated from you. Not because I was afraid of being a soldier. LOL!
  • Lmao Jaejoong asked Jang Geun Suk to shout out if he's here. Cold oppa, Gunyang, did you really go Yonsei Uni ㅋㅋ
  • Jaejoong praised fans for their fanchants and asked if they practiced at home before coming.
  • Jaejoong said the commander of 55th division is there and he did a salute to him. (KJJbar)
  • Jaejoong: My hair grows really fast right? I considered wearing wig but I was worried the wig would drop.
  • Jaejoong: I was 80kg when I was in army. I am roughly the same as the old Jaejoong now.
  • Jaejoong: I lost weight for my concerts. I might grow fatter in the future.
  • Jaejoong mentioned that there were people still entering despite the show alr started. He thanked everyone for coming in this cold weather.
  • VCR is about Jaejoong preparing his album and hologram concert before enlistment ;; (金在中点康)
  • Last sentence of the VCR: "Thank you, for waiting so long"
  • Jaejoong: Minwoo is here today too. It's my concert since a long time, so many friends came. Many (fans) came too!
  • Jaejoong: There are many energetic songs in my new album. Everyone be hyper ok!
  • Jaejoong is at backstage. Dress code inspect time!
  • Jaejoong chose a fan wearing a wedding dress. She wants to get married with "JAEJOONG OPPA" after 10 years.
  • Jaejoong chose a foreigner fanboy who came with his girlfriend.
  • Jaejoong asked the fan how did she find such handsome boyfriend he wants to look for one too (Cr: 金在中点康)
  • Jaejoong chose a fanboy who held his debut photo. Also another couple. The male did a heart to Jae and Jae said both of them should do tgt
  • Jaejoong chose a girl wearing hamtaro pajamas. Jaejoong: I wore this 10 years ago.
  • T/N: All dress code ment translations are translated from 金在中点康 (I'll do full compilation later)
  • Jaejoong chose a fanboy who held an all 5 members debut photo for Jaejoong(楠楠思密达哟)
  • Jaejoong: I received a letter saying "oppa since you won't marry me, why not become gay?" I will not become gay. (金在中吧) HAHAHAHAHA
  • An ahjussi from 55th division band unit is sitting in front of stage. And beside are all Jaejoong's juniors from 55th division (小于儿Ether)
  • Jaejoong wants to act in sitcom LOL (金在中点康)
  • Jaejoong said he still think rock genre suits him the most. Everyone can accept this better too.
  • Jaejoong: There will be new works to be presented to everyone after my tour ends. I hope to have more activities in 2017.
  • Jaejoong: Once I couldn't sleep, as I gradually slip into sleep, I had a dream that I died. I kept wondering what this dream that I'm standing here, I finally feel that "I am alive". ♥ (金在中吧)
  • OMG lol this board actually is "J ♥ HO NG KONG" not J ♥ HO HAHAHAHA (姜茶_1119)
  • Jaejoong: There are 2 more songs. But if you shout for me loud enough, I'll come out.
  • Jaejoong was speaking when the "J" letter on his microphone dropped. Jaejoong: Ah... this is expensive. 😂😂 (金在中吧)
  • Fans asked Jaejoong to take off his clothes but were "scolded" by Jaejoong as pervs HAHA
  • Jaejoong: You can't do this (ask him to take off his clothes). How do you find boyfriends in the future???? Fanboys: It's okay!
  • Jaejoong is worried about teenagers fans ㅋㅋ he said it's hard to get a cab in snowy day, so fans should go home early.
  • Jaejoong: I won't feel embarrassed about taking off my clothes before enlistment. But after enlistment I feel embarrassed.
  • Jaejoong: I feel shy. My muscles from my enlistment days are gone. (金在中吧)
  • Jae did an action as if he's taking off his clothes... Jaejoong (to a fan): Don't make that expression! How do you find boyfriend like this!
  • Jaejoong eventually still didn't take off his clothes. He simply leave the coat draped on his shoulders.
  • Video of I'll Protect You performance from The Beginning of The End was played on the screen and everyone sang for Jaejoong ;;♥ (金在中点康)
  • Jaejoong asked for fans in their 10s, 20s and 30s. When it came to 60s, a fan raised her hand. Jaejoong: If you are 60 I'm 80!
  • Then there really was a fan in 70s. Jaejoong greeted her politely.
  • T/N: All sources of my translations, if not specially mentioned, are from 金在中点康, 金在中吧, JAE-SENSE and 楠楠思密达哟 thank you for updating!!!

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: Paulisteu + TOHOMinmin + Yunjaery
Shared by: DBSKnights


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