Friday, January 20, 2017

[TRANS] 170120 Jaejoong Twitter & Instagram Update

New twitter DP

Jaejoong: Geunsuk, I'm wondering if you've eaten already
Jang Geunsuk: Wow, Jaejoong-ssi came to twitter after a long time! Really grateful!!
Jaejoong: I was waiting for Gunjjang's reply. Really happy www
Jaejoong: Gunjjang! Did you build a snowman? I want to build a snowman with you. Cold oppa
Jang Geunsuk: Gunyang dreams of having a snowball fight with Jaejoong! Very excited!! Cute💋
Jaejoong: Gunyang, tomorrow is my concert. I can't get injured from snowball fight. There can't be stones in the snowballs 🤕
Jang Geunsuk: I'm also going to Jaejoong's live, so I'm happy! I will buy your goods too in bulk. Eel wants a discount!❤️
Jaejoong: It would be hard because the goods line will be long, but I'm cheering for you😂 Let's meet in my live💋I'm really waiting for Gunyang
Jang Geunsuk: I'll go to Yonsei tomorrow at 6pm! Really looking forward to it!
Jaejoong: Okay. See you at Seoul National University ♡
Jaejoong: It's the cold oppa

Jang Geunsuk:

Jaejoong: I miss you Elsa👫

Jaejoong: Let's watch #TalkInDrunk~

Credits: Jaejoong's Twitter + IG + AsiaPrince_JKS
Translated by: Paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights

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