Sunday, January 1, 2017

[PHOTOS+TRANS] 161231 Jaejoong - Fansign Event at COEX

  • Q. Top 5 songs that you sang during your army life • That's my only world, I'm a butterfly by YB, Love Sick by 조장혁, Family portrait, Seoshi cr: mybuchubuchu
  • Q. Difference between discharge and vacation? JJ: Vacation is for 19 yr olds pretending to be 20; Discharge is for real 20 yr olds lol (cr:rsyblack0227)
  • Jaejoong: In my superiors and fellow colleagues in the unit, there are those who were born in 1995 and 1994...
  • his fan told Jaejoong while he was signing his autograph: "Is it really you? It's not a hologram?"
  • Will you sing MINE in the opening of the con ✔️ YES
  • Words that you want to say the most to the fans who waited "Let's not separate now"
  • JJ: Two years is really short right. But those people who have vacation homework but are still here are really awesome~
  • Fan is getting married. There's a photo of JJ in her bf's phone, so fan got a good feeling and started dating him. They are to be wed soon
  • Jaejoong met around 200 ppl in the army and he has the number of all those people. Everyone called him when he got discharged. He was proud
  • Jaejoong: I only gained weight in my chest HAHAHAH
  • JJ: I made a promise with my colleagues. We won't wear green when we get discharged. Because army uniform is green LOL
  • JJ is very thankful when he saw the fans cheering for him during army events
  • JJ is thankful to all his friends who visited him in the army. He said he'll buy them food later + started writing it in his notebook. More people went to meet him cause they probably heard the rumor that he'll buy them food HAHA
  • JJ: When my superior gets discharged, I asked them for their number first and wrote them a letter. I met them when I am on my vacation.
  • JJ: The thing we must not do is petting your head. I'm too shy because it's been two years already. The rest is okay.
  • JJ: 197 people went to visit me during the army. It was like people come almost every week of my army life. (proud)
  • JJ said all his salary in the army were donated to the whole unit so they can buy delicious food
  • JJ: Honestly, before my enlistment, I almost didn't know the names of the girl groups, but I now know more than half of every girl group LOL
  • Because there are a lot of flower crowns today - JJ: On which street did you buy this from? Where did you get this HAHAHA
  • Jaejoong: Is this a trend? (Flower crowns) Fans: Idols do this!!! Jaejoong: Ah~ I'm an idol? ㅎㅎㅎ Fans: KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • JJ: /wears flower crown/ Because I'm an idol, it's okay even if I wear this? Thank youuu
  • Fan did a heart sign to Jaejoong, so Jaejoong did the same. Fan asked him to do it again and JJ did it again
  • Jaejoong was under the sun many times so since he was aging quickly, he applied a lot of sunscreen! lol
  • Jaejoong said that among the people who contacted him on his discharge, no one hates him 😂 He said he did well in the army 👍
  • JJ said his shoulder's size decreased by 5cm HAHAHAHAH while his chest seems like it got bigger lol
  • Q. Please write the moment when you really wanted to see the fans while you're in the army. Jaejoong: Everyday^^ cr: lover_tv5xq
  • JJ: People who got married are here~ but if I got married first, you'll sulk~
  • What do you want to do in a live broadcast? ✔️ Mukbang ✔️ Kukbang (cooking show) ✔️ Nupbang (fully laid down show, lying down show)
  • You'll release Life support digitally? ✔️ YES ✔️ YES (in kr) ✔️ Of course (in jp) ✔️ YES (in kr slang lol)
  • How much did you miss us? • as much as hiro's nails • as much as twice • as much as angjjang ✔️ ETC
  • Fan: Oppa, you're the most handsome person in this galaxy. Jaejoong: You're crazy HAHAHAHA Fan: It's true ;___;
  • Q. Person who gave you the most strength in army? ✔️Lovely fans ✔️Fans who are good at singing in cons ✔️Comrades ✔️Girl group
  • Q. Song that you'll definitely sing with fans in the concert? 1. I'll protect you ✔️ 2. Good morning night ✔️
  • I commemorate GFF's first day! How does your encounter with Yunho oppa in a public place after a long time feel? ✔️ I WAS GLAD - Other options: 2. I was happy 3. I missed him 4. I was embarrassed 5. ETC [pic]
  • Gender ratio of your future concert? JJ: (male/female) 4:6
  • Favorite anime ost? (1) We are (2) ETC [ JJ: WE ARE ]
  • How does it feel seeing Yunho oppa at Gyeryongdae? (I'm sorry...) JJ: I'm glad~! (반가웠어요) cr: @jaejae0211님

  • Q: Where do you want to go the most after completing your military service? Jaejoong: Home. I stayed at home whole day yesterday.
  • Q: No.X was nominated first place in music shows. How did you feel about that? Jaejoong: I was really happy when I heard this in army.
  • Jaejoong said he donated all of his salary to his division (东方神起中文网CB家族)

  • Jaejoong said those ppl serving military with hin were born around 1996 Cr 卉菇凉
  • Fan's Question: What types of lady do he prefer? 1) Big Eyes 2) Big Boobs 3) The one standing infront of you 4) Rich → He choose ALL (cr璐哥哥哥) [pic]

Credits: JYT + Kinoko + PYO + Panpan + yukisama
Translated by: Paulisteu + yunjaery + XIAkiss
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Aww the crown flower remind me of junjjang. Anyway jae looks so bright

  2. so happy reading all these stories. Thank you dbsknight!

  3. kim jaejoong is expert in maketing strategy.When his popularity is not in good condition;he mention yunho a lot and pretend as close friend.But he is in upper hand in popularity;he pretend he never see him in his life at least one time.You are so bad;not use;not play friendship.What..when you see yunho at GFF after a long time;you feel only you was glad.Don't use frienship anymore.Yunho is so pitiful bcoz he had a friend like you who was so hungry for popularity.