Monday, December 19, 2016

[INFO] 161205 Vote for Jaejoong in the 31st Golden Disc Awards!

Category: Popular Album

1. Download the app: ANDROID | iOS | PC (Scroll down for instruction!)

2. Login using Facebook or sign-up an account using your email by following the instructions
Note: If having trouble login in using your FB account, use/create another account to login.

3. Click on 'Charge' > 'Event'. Under the 'A Charging Station' click on any of the 'Facebook Page Like Event' and then click on JOIN followed by 'OK' on the pop-up. You have now gain 200 points! Now repeat this action on the other event available on the page to gain 200 more points.

4. Click on 'Charge' > 'Mission' and then click on any of the options to earn points. Follow the instruction if given. After completing the mission you would earn the points and can use the points to vote.

5. Paid charge are now available if you wish to purchase points. Click on PAID CHARGE and then BUY. Price are at USD2 for 2000 points (10 votes).

6. Click on 'Vote' and select to vote for Kim Jaejoong's NO.X
1 Vote = 200 Points.

7. Vote completed. You can vote up to 15 times a day! Continue voting if you have sufficient points~^^
Note: If you vote twice or more in one day you will receive 400 points (2 votes) the next day!

Award description

Category: Asian Choice Award

1. Voting open from 5 Dec 2016 (10:00) to 12 Jan 2017 (24:00)
2. Vote using Weibo :
3. 1 Vote = 1 Yuan

Tutorial: Voting using PC

1. Download and install Bluestack onto your PC. You can also use other similar programs: Nox | Memu

2. Launch the program and sign in using your Google account. Follow the instructions.

3. Click 'No, thanks' for the payment method or click on 'Add credit or debit card' and follow the instruction if you are planning on using PAID CHARGE/paid vote.

4. Click on 'Play Store'

5. In the search bar, type in 'Golden Disc Awards Vote' and search.

6. Select 'Golden Disc Awards Vote'.

7. Click INSTALL and then ACCEPT on the pop up.

8. After the app finished installing, click OPEN.

9. If you cant find the GDA app on the home screen, click on the all apps button at the bottom of the window and find the app.

10. Voting steps are the same as provided above.

Credits: Golden Disc Awards
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I just want to say I appreciate you guys' work. I really love this site. Thank you.

  2. We're here for you Jaejoong Oppa!

  3. Vote for Jaejoong! The daily voting results are VERY close. Your votes may make all the difference :)