Saturday, October 29, 2016

[NEWS] 161028 JYJ′s Kim Junsu Sells Out Solo Concert Within 2 Minutes

JYJ′s Kim Junsu has sold out of tickets for his concert in 2 minutes.

On October 28, tickets for Kim Junsu′s end-of-year solo concert 2016 XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 went on sale at 2PM KST and sold out within 2 minutes.

Kim Junsu′s end-of-year concert tickets have sold at a record breaking speed for the last 5 years and this year was no different. This year, Kim Junsu′s concert is especially gaining attention as it was revealed that the star would perform numbers from his musical appearances from the last 6 years.

Additionally, the battle for tickets may have been more fierce as Kim Junsu revealed plans to join the military next year. On occasion that Kim Junsu joins the military next year as planned, there will be a hold on his end-of-year concert for the next 2 years.

Meanwhile, the second round of ticket sales for Kim Junsu′s end-of-year concert will open on November 3.

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