Sunday, July 24, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160723 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Bangkok

  • Junsu greeting in Thai
  • JS: it's been a very long time~ when i see your warm smile, i feel good
  • JS: I went here for my 4th asia tour, you missed me right?
  • JS: You became prettier LOOOOL
  • Junsu is hoping that everyone will enjoy the concert until the end and that he'll proceed to the next song which is Xitizen~
  • JS: Everyone is really good in Korean. You listened to the album, right? Thank you (in thai). The women go "haaaa~" (soft voice) LOL
  • JS: Everyone...?(someone shouted something) What did you say? (Says something in thai) lol *cue audience laughing*
  • JS: Anyone here who attended my concert for the first time?
  • JS: Honestly. The first timers. Don't lie pls
  • JS: (in eng) first time? Really? Wae, wae? Why is it the first time? (In eng again) W-H-Y
  • Junsu tried speaking in english but he said sorry and said "english is really HAHAHAHAH"
  • JS: The people in the front are really..
  • JS: Thank you (in thai). Like this~ everyone lol The second wish! Song!
  • JS: I'm a man from the 30sㅋㅋㅋ I'm really a man from the 30s so... Eukyangkyang
  • JS chose the second wish because the fan used a photo that he likes
  • Junsu reading the message of the fan written in korean
  • Genie time 1st wish - Say 3 Thai sentences, Thai elephant song? (He mentioned Jaejoong here because elephant 😂), 꼭 어제 + wearing headband
  • Genie time 2nd wish - Say "Wake up, it's morning!!!!" in Thai + cute version while wearing a headband again(???)
  • Translator is teaching him how to say it and Junsu was like "HOW SHOULD I SAY THIS!!!!"
  • Omg writing his name using his butt!
  • Junsu kept on asking (or whining rather lmao) if how should he do this lol
  • Ah spelling his name using his butt in Thai is the third wish
  • คิม จุน ซู - omg he had to butt spell this one
  • JS: I really want to thank everyone for today. I'm really, really happy.
  • JS: Everyone, you don't know but more than what you think, your existence is very precious to your parents.
  • JS: You existing every minute is very precious! They'll be asking if when will their daughters go home......... NOOO??? Why no???!!!
  • JS: I'll do my beeeest so that I'll be able to do a concert also in Thailand for more than 12 hours \o/
  • JS: Thailand is very far, but even in the situation where I can't appear on TV... Despite the fact that there are almost no opportunities
  • JS: for concerts or videos, but being able to do it once or twice in a year...
  • JS: I don't have concerts always, but I'm really thankful that you came here. I wanted to see you all personally so I can say these wordsㅠㅠㅠ

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