Thursday, July 7, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160706 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Yokohama (Day 2)

  • Junsu: it's a must to wear accessories to dance and sing during Genie time now. It isn't like that in the past ~
  • junsu: why? I debuted almost 13 years right? Why do you only come now? And shouted it's me so happily?
  • Q: do you like smaller chest? Junsu : (awkwardly say our the question) A: inner beauty is more important. He gave a relieve sigh.
  • Q: more afraid of Mom or Dad? Junsu: ( think for a moment) and answered Mom.
  • fan: is juno more gentle? Junsu: are you Juno fan?
  • Q: it's better for lady's skirt to be shorter? Junsu: (thinking.. And repeat the questions 2 times) and replied yes. Isn't that for sure?
  • Q: Will you wants to be reborn as Junsu again if can? Junsu: yes.. But I'm not sure about singing and dancing. Fans: No! Junsu: want me to sing again? Then will you be my fans when you are reborn again?
  • Q: have you cried during bed time? Junsu: yes. Q: why? Junsu: men's tears is a secret!
  • junsu dance OEO with fanboy! Junsu said he forgotten the dancesteps and told fanboy to teach him.
  • Junsu: (happen to saw fanboy's black brief when he's changing) said to Camera man.. Now you can stop focusing the camera on me.
  • Junsu: there's a lot of Fanboy today! I felt so happy every time I see them
  • A fanboy shouted! He came with his mom! His son is about the same age as Junsu. That's why Junsu said we are friends!
  • Junsu: Do you know who I am? Is it because of your mom? Fanboy: I knew you 10 years ago! Junsu: that's not good. You came here the first time despite knowing me for 10 years? That's bad.
  • Fanboy: I will come again. Junsu: (jump down the stage) hugged that fanboy and said we made a promise. I will remember!
  • fan did Human waves... But Junsu commented : you guys are poor in dancing. Human waves should be able to do well.
  • Junsu: everyone please so it together! Please don't be stunt and stare at it shouting "it's beautiful"
  • fans suggested turning off the lights and use pen light instead. Junsu: everyone look more pretty now!
  • Junsu: with everyone around, I will continue singing! Will you guys wait for me?! lastly "Please quickly go back"

Credits: XIA_Picnic + metoobbw + MyooXIA + rt_et_dt
Translated by: XIAkiss
Shared by: DBSKnights

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