Sunday, July 3, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160702 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Kobe (Day 3)

  • JS: everyone is laughing rn but I don't know why. Fans: *laughing harder* JS: I DON'T GET IT! Fans: LMAOO! JS: well…I guess the feeling is nice
  • JS: in this section- Fan in the crowd: WAAAAHH JS: *stops and laughs* what was that?? Fans: *laughing* JS: where are you? WHAT IS WRONG?
  • JS: obviously, today... is much hotter. Fans: *keep screaming randomly* JS: I can feel your passion... the taste of your passion. Fans: LMAO
  • JS: it's so hot today right??!! Fans: *still laughing* YES! JS: it's fun rn but sit down pls…sit down, continuing with songs from 4th album!
  • Junsu is talking about DOTS and how he got to sing the OST and how "How Can I Love You" became so popular
  • JS: Japanese... honestly... I thought that 5-6 years ago, somehow, I was better at it right? Fans: eeh? JS: ah but I came more often too!
  • JS: honestly before, I used to think "aaah if I make small mistakes it's okay". Just a few mistakes right? I thought "ah it's not so bad" I think I can't make mistakes, but before I thought "if it's small mistakes, it's ok" ... yeah... I know... I was no good...
  • JS (apologetic): now…NOW I try not to! But before… ah… *pauses* Fans: eeh? JS: you know, I make a lot of mistakes in Korean too!! Fans: LOL! JS: IT'S TRUE! In Korean too! Honestly… Fans: EEEH? JS: I was surprised myself! But the thing is… suddenly… I'd start talking in Japanese! Like… I'm talking and suddenly, I find myself thinking in Japanese and I can't remember the Korean word, so I say it in Japanese!
  • JS: suddenly.. talking in Japanese… Fans: *laughing* JS: it's BAD though! Fans: EEH!! JS: I mean, it's WEIRD right?!! When in Korea…
  • JS (pause): what shoud I do… Fans: GANBARE! JS: …………… I'm terrible. Fans: *laugh* JS (hopeful): well…am I good at Japanese then? Fans: YES
  • JS: thank you ^o^ But tbh… whenever I go to Japan, every time… every single time, ah… I get that anxious feeling you know. Fans: LMAO!!
  • JS: truly! I feel like I can't remember a single thing in Japanese!! Fans: *laugh* JS: IT'S TRUE, ah… how do you say… no self-confidence?
  • JS: truth is, I'm constantly thinking "I want to try and say that", but I CAN'T… *sad pause* but in the end I can always say "thank you" LOL
  • JS: yeah, I always end up saying "thank you" ^o^ Fans: *laughing* JS: anyway, thank you for always bearing with me and being so nice to me~
  • JS: so who is coming for the 1st time? Fans: *raise hands* JS: 1st time, really?? 1st time? 1st time? OH! Here! Mister! 1st time?
  • JS (to male fan): where do you come from? Fan: *answers* JS: HOKKAIDO?!! 1st time? and you came from Hokkaido? Fan: yes! ....... JS: why? o_o Male fan: *answers* JS: okusan? with okusan? ah thank you okusan!! Fans: wow *clapping* JS: …what is "okusan" again? (LMAO) JS: aaah WIFE! with you wife! 1st time for your wife too? Fan: *answers* JS: ah I see…mister, how is it? is it cool? Fan: YES JS: thank you!
  • Genie Time so far: 1. Sing "Don't Go" but he couldn't remember it *FAIL* XD 2. OeO dance but he failed as well cos he didn't rehearse it XD
  • 3. Singing songs from a musical but he apologized he couldn't, and asked for another musical, and sang numbers from "Mozart" instead
  • JS: now next is…well I've been singing the whole time right? XD (cos he kept singing for Genie Time) Fans: laugh JS: I'll go with next song!
  • JS: thank you everyone, are you having fun? Fans: YEAHHH JS: it's amazing…everyone, really, that was Kim Junsu for you with all his heart!
  • Junsu is going around asking people's ages, he said it was a "must do" now, that couldn't be helped cos he does it everywhere
  • that fan right now said she was 78
  • he tried to guess the age of another elder fan and got it right: 80 years old! Now "old" fans shouting their age all over the place
  • one fan said she was 88!!
  • JS: ah amazing, why not try it again? asking to shout according to age... 10s were very loud yesterday! but there's no time, it's no good
  • JS: it went in the blink of an eye right... I'd like to go to the next song… ah… dont say "no we don't want" "we don't need it"!!!
  • Junsu is talking with a fan from South Korea right now ^^ He's very impressed once more at how far people come from
  • A fan from Europe now ^^ She tried to explain the exact place but Junsu didn't get it "where did you say it was uuuuh?"
  • JS: today is the third time in Kobe, but the last one, you gave me a lot of support and cheers... thank you so much, I'm moved
  • JS (quite moved): it's the 1st time I'm having a solo concert here in Kobe so I'm touched, I won't forget those memories, thank you so much!
  • JS: so last song now- Fans: EEEEEH! JS: aaah I know that "no too bad" feel but- Male fan: JUNSUUUU JS: EH? Fans: *screaming* JS: everyone…
  • LOL Junsu just told the audience they are "barabara" = scattered, messy, cos random shouting all over the venue
  • JS: but everyone if I make it longer it in Kobe today, later I'll have to do it in Yokohama too!! Fans: EEEEEEH JS: what's with "EEEHHH"??!!
  • JS: everyone now pls sit... in the back too! pls sit, do it properly! I'll invite you to Yokohama! Fans : *answer* JS: they said "liar" LOL
  • T/N: Seems like Junsu had some trouble saying his thanks & goodbyes, kept interacting with fans, like he doesn't want today's concert to end
  • Junsu: this time too, thank to you all it was so much fun! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please cheer for everyone who helped making this stage!
  • Junsu: I think I'll remember forever the performances here in Kobe! I won't forget!! Thank you!!
  • T/N: and #XIAinKobe Day 3 is over ^^ Translation mistakes in the previous tweets are all mine AHAHAHA *runs away*

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