Sunday, June 19, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160619 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • Junsu is listing famous dishes from various cities around Japan right now.. he sometimes picks weird/unlikely ones
  • he's messing up the names and everyone tries to correct him.. Junsu: Ehime?? It's not Ehime?? Fans: NOOOOOOO Junsu: SUMIMASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN (Note: looool I'm not sure what that was about Ibaraki prefecture but he messed up big time, he says he'll definitely never forget it again)
  • JS: so what is it for Ibaraki?? Fans: natto!! JS: NATTO? For real? Fans: YESSS JS: Natto it is... I see.. IBARAKI IS NATTO, I won't forget!
  • omg singing "Too Love" from SKKS OST
  • JS is reading songs title from a fans' paper, he is a bit puzzled by the ones with kanjis ^^
  • then "You're So Beautiful" ^o^
  • JS: the 3rd one... it's from "Innocent Man" drama right... "Love Is Like A Snowflake"
  • JS talked with the fan who requested OST songs, she was asking him smthg but sounded confused, so he said "you don't know yourself actually"
  • 4th is the "In The Time I Loved You" from Mr Baek drama 5th is "I Love You" from Empress Ki drama
  • Junsu: "Empress Ki"... "Ki", you know "Ki" in Korean... is it the same in Japanese? "ki"? "ko"? "KO"? "KIKOKO"?? (so random OTL XD)
  • JS: ok second one!! I don't know really, there are so many... I'm just going to pick one ok, here i gooo~
  • I think 2nd wish is asking him to give a Korean lesson to fans...... (???)
  • JS: "Tsuki ni kawatte... what??" aaah "Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo" from Sailor Moon??" Fans: LOL yes!! JS: ...that is hard...
  • JS (reading in Japanese): "I might be in love with you" Fans: YESS *pauses* JS *seriously*: I...I might... be... in love with you FANS: LOL
  • JS said the "I might be in love with you" several times in Japanese and then only once very fast in Korean
  • the next one is about "a sweet kiss" it's getting more and more serious LMAO
  • Junsu: then... last one!! last one, i'm going... (sing-song voice) last one~ last one~ ♫
  • omg "Dew-Laden Tree" !!!!!!!
  • 2nd wish today was for him to translate some Japanese sentences to Korean as if he was giving the audience a lecture ^^
  • JS: thank you very much, thank you for the Encore!~ Male fan: JUNSUUUU JS: .....thank you...
  • it's the age talk again XD the first male fan is 19 and Junsu was like "what the hell..."
  • JS: 5 years ago... 5 years ago... I was 19~ Fans: nooooo!! JS: even before?! Fans: YES JS: are you saying I don't look like 19??!!
  • JS: then what was I at 19? Fans: *shout* JS: ah... sexy? Fans: YES! NO! *mixed answers* JS: 19... high school... that's young for sexy!
  • the male fan who always come to Junsu's concert in Nagoya is here today too, and he brought hitsumabushi for him again!
  • JS: I still look like a high schooler, don't I? Fans: OKAY JS: DO I?! Fans: OKAYYYY JS: YATTAAAAA (YEAAAAAH) Fan: OMEDETOU (congrats)
  • JS: well everyone, thank you for this fun time, but it's ending.. Fans: eeeeeeh~ JS: it's the last! Fans: EEEEEEEEH~ JS: it can't be helped!
  • JS: honestly everyone... I was worried at first, when I prepared this stage... I was wondering... can I really make it?
  • JS: there are so many dance songs, and even while rehearsing, I was worried whether I could do it...but thanks to you all it became possible
  • JS: it's the last stage here in Nagoya, but not in Japan! I'll go here and there.. Fans: "here and there" LMAO JS: here and there in Japan!!
  • JS: I'll go here and there (achikochi)... it's like it right Fans: *laughs* JS: achikochi... kochiachi... achikochi it is right??
  • JS is thanking fans for supporting him from the start even though his Japanese was (still is) not so good, and helping him
  • JS: thank you everyone for coming to watch me! let's do the last bit together okay?! *rock the world last stage*
  • JS: thank you! Nagoya thank you! bye bye! be careful on the way back, take care of yourself!
  • the gorilla Junsu was requested to draw during Genie Time XDDD (see yesterday ikemen gorilla talk)
  • and Junsu named the gorilla "Shabani"
  • Junsu saw pictures of the gorilla and commented to fans: "to be honest... he's truly an ikemen (handsome)" LMAO (cr. 0809nassan)
  • Junsu: "Me too... I have quite an impressive butt right? But I must say... I lose to Shabani-san" LOL (cr. 0809nassan)
  • JS: how did you know about me? Fan: on Youtube! JS: Youtube?!! I'm so thankful to Youtube! (chanting) Youtube!~ ♪ Youtube!~ ♪ (cr. yorigyan)
  • JS: actually I think that compared to Japanese people, I know more famous dishes from various Japanese prefectures… Fan: what abt Nagoya?!
  • JS (determined): Nagoya…Hitsumabushi! Tenmusu! Fans: wow! JS: Debasaki! Fans: WOW JS: SHABANI (the gorilla LMAO) Fans: *DYING* (cr yorigyan)
  • JS (when talking about age): actually... I used to want to be 30 fast! Because you become a man at 30! (cr yorigyan)
  • Sentences Junsu had to translate from Japanese to Korea during Genie Time today (cr. Dopi_YJbrownie)

  • Genie time: Fan: Kawaii! Junsu: Hawaii? You came from Hawaii?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • Junsu asked if there fans who started liking him because of youtube. He said "I should thank youtube, yeah?" (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • Junsu promised to upload on SNS aphoto of him without makeup/his bare face. He said he looks 19 there? LOL (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)

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