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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160618 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Nagoya (Day 1)

  • JS: "Welcome to XIA's 2016 Live Tour XIGNATURE in Nagoya! DID YOU MISS ME EVERYONE??!!"
  • JS: Everyone are you ok?! Fans: YEEEEAH! JS: Ah... for me... I just sang two songs right. Fans: LOL! JS: bcos of your energy I'm so hot rn...
  • JS: I just relase a new album right! Fans: \o/ JS: did you listen to it? Fans: YES! JS: really? what songs do you like? Fans: ALL! JS: thanks!
  • JS: are you ready??! Fans: YES! JS: so the thir- uuuh (he didn't remember how to say "third" in Japanese) Fans: LMAO JS: NEXT song then! LOL
  • JS: everyone... today... I'll show my messed up Japanese okay? Fans: LOL JS: I'm leaving it to you Fans: YES \o/ JS: let's study together!
  • JS: everyone are you having fun?! Fans: YES JS: waaah the power today is so great Fans: YUP JS: But I won't lose to the heat/fever!
  • JS: everyone, if it's Nagoya, you remember right... hitsumabushi Fans: YES JS: DO YOU REMEMBER Fans: YESSSS JS: ah 2nd floor is somehow.. XD
  • JS: second floor, YOU REMEMBER?! Fans: YEEEEAH *fans from another area being noisy* JS: ah you there... you're doing fine so I don't care :P
  • JS: Nagoya's people give me a lot of strength. Nagoya's hitsumabushi too Fans: LOL JS: I went straight to eat some yesterday, it's THAT good
  • JS: talking about histumabushi... I want to try and make it for guests at my place!!! (suddenly excited) Fans: *laugh*
  • JS: in the past right... in Japanese shows, I always ended up speaking up about hitsumabushi. Fans: yessss! JS: I got my energy from it then!
  • Fan: *screams something* JS: I can see you and I can tell you're trying hard but I can't hear a thing....... Everyone: LOL JS: DO YOUR BEST!
  • not sure what the fan ended up telling him, but Junsu answered "we'll go and make it together then... *pauses* sushis right"
  • JS: ok let's wrap up this totally random talk now XD Fans: no! JS: we'll continue later!! I want to introduce the next section's song!
  • JS: so next song is "Don't forget" (translating) "wasurenaide" right *stops* *sings "Wasurenaide" bit from Tohoshinki's song* Fans: AKSLHJDZD
  • JS: everyone pls sit now…why won't you sit?? Fans: *laugh* JS: it's fine w/ me but you'll have to jump later, I'm afraid your legs will hurt
  • speaking about Descendants of the Sun now, he managed to translate that in Japanese, fans are impressed
  • Junsu has been speaking about his songs and the pb of singing Korean songs in Japan, and said he wanted to release a Japanese album
  • still going on about Japanese, writing and talking the language, and I'm not sure why but he said he was very thankful ^^
  • JS: I can hear some ppl laughing Fans: *laugh harder* JS: why are you laughing when I speak about such deep things!!! Fans: LMAO
  • JS: then everyone, thank you for waiting Fans: YES JS: ARE YOU READY? Fans: YESSSS JS: FROM HERE IS fans: GENIE TIIIIIIIME
  • JS: today, I want to introduce XIA's stage to ppl who have never seen it. Fans: *start shouting* JS: are there ppl coming for the 1st time??
  • JS: ah so it's the 1st time, what did you hear abt it? Fan: *shouts* JS: what? sooo what?…"beautiful"? "so sexy"? what "so sex-…" Fans: LMAO
  • he's reading a request now, to sing a Dracula song from Ballad concert (???), but he's saying he can't it read well
  • JS: ok I'm going to sing a song from Dracula's musical album now *pauses* I'll go with "Life After Life", we sang it at the end of the show
  • Junsu tried to explain the meaning of the song in Japanese but ended up messing it up and fans laughed, so he scolded them
  • earlier he was so lost about Japanese particles, and he was like "ue ni?" "ue no?" is it "ue no?", asking for fans to correct him
  • JS: Dracula's.. this's still going on in Korea so you can go and see it. Fans: AKLSHD JS: but I guess I can sing it for you here
  • JS: ah and this year, starting from August, I'll have a new musical. Fans: oooh *clap* JS: pls come & watch if you can! now onto the 2nd wish
  • JS: aaaah you worked so hard on this, IT'S SO HARD CHOOSING ONE *whining*
  • JS: *reading*: "why are you always coming to Nagoya? I'm so thankful" - is that a question??? Fans: LOL JS: ah I've always like Nagoya :)
  • JS: 2nd question now (reading) "you like hitsumashi, but is there another?" - ah another dish I like? is that it? from Nagoya?
  • he answered with another dish's name, and now he's rambling on about hitsumabushin again..
  • JS (reading): "are there other things you want to do or food you want to eat in Nagoya?" - what is there?? Fans: *shouts* JS: eh?? Gorilla??
  • JS: is the zoo big? Fans: YEAAAH! JS: and there's a Gorilla? Fans: YESSS! JS: so what's famous in Nagoya's zoo Fan: KOAALAAAA!!
  • JS: what else is famous in the zoo? Fans: GORILLA JS: Gorilla again?? Ikemen (handsome) Gorilla?? @@ Fans: YES *laughing* JS: WTH IKEMEN??
  • lmao he cut the "handsome gorilla" talk short and picked a request from a male fan
  • Junsu is reading it and it's suddenly calm so he went "ah soo quiet" Fans: *start shouting all over* Junsu: WHO WAS IT? Where are you??!
  • Ok the 3rd request was to sing songs from a CD, and Junsu said "I've prepared but I haven't rehearsed all those??!!" *feeling down*
  • he asked staff to play the 2nd track from the CD and he's singing it rn, not sure what the song name is though.. (Note: He's singing I Believe)
  • loool he started another song, but rn the accompaniment is playing and he totally missed the beginning. some fans are trying to sing it for him but it's a mess so everyone is just laughing
  • asking for the 1st track to be played now, and he managed to start on that one
  • JS: ah thank you. Fans: *clap* JS: Genie Time is over. Fans: *clap again* JS: ah thanks to you all..I feel this Genie Time was quite pretty
  • JS: everyone, it's okay right??!! Fans: YESS JS: you know that move right! Fans: YEAH! JS: LET'S GO JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!
  • chanting for ENCORE now
  • JS: thank you, that was the Encore song~ was it fun? Fans: YESSS Junsu: today is the 1st day of the Japan stops, a lot of you came!
  • JS: I'm very grateful, for all the stops to come for this tour, I will work hard and seriously!
  • JS: honestly, I'd like this to continue but everyone... you have parents, grand parents, relatives... they are waiting for you right now. they are waiting! Fans: it doesn't matter!! JS: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT it doesn't matter???!!! Some of you have kids right?? your kids are waiting right now! Fans: IT'S FINE~ JS: YOU'RE HORRIBLE OMG! Fans: *laughing* JS: your kids are whining "come back" now
  • JS: cos I love you~ (kimi ga suki de) Fans: JAKGHDFKJS JS: "I love egg yolks but I love you too" (his old oyaji gag) Fans: OYAJI OYAJI OYAJI
  • Junsu did the gag twice and now he asked an old male fan how it was, and the fan replied "it was moving" & Junsu was like "MOVING REALLY?!!"
  • JS: it's a thing from the past but this 'I love egg yolk but I love you too' gag, even when I think abt it myself, I feel moved too *LAUGHS*
  • Junsu is speaking about the past and how he used to always tell oyaji gags, saying that's his first memories from Japan and such ^^
  • Junsu said he had trouble reading Japanese back then but the oyaji gags, he had read them so often, he was always familiar with the words :P
  • Junsu is speaking about his age, how a European dancer thought he was so much younger than his age
  • JS: I'm 30 in Korea, and 29 in Japan right? Fans: yeah... JS: DON'T LOOK DOWN AT ME Fans: LMAO JS: so I'm an ajusshi in SK, and oyaji here?
  • JS: we're having a really fun time but the next song- Fans: eeeeeeh~ JS: it'll be the last one. Fans: EEEEEEH
  • he's speaking about the last song... the feelings he wants to convey through it. Love. Life.
  • Junsu: this time as well, this tour wouldn't have happened without you, so I'm very thankful to you all.
  • JS: the last song is "Flower"~ Flower... flower is everyone's face here. Fans: LMAO
  • JS: thanks to you all, the first stop here went very well, thank you so much! I'm very thankful! I LOVE YOU!!!~
  • Junsu: thank you to you all on the 1st and 2nd floor too!
  • JS: bye bye~ thank you for coming to watch me, thank you!

  • Junsu: those who came here the first time, why do you guy come? Fan: I heard you are sexy. Junsu: what do you think after watching? Fan: Super Sexy. Junsu: Super Sexy? Thank You.
  • Junsu: I'll look like 19 if I wear uniform. Fans: impossible,! Junsu: are you guys really my fans?!
  • Fan (sitting far on top): please come here. Junsu: My soul had fly there, flexible right
  • JS Your parents, grandparents and kids will be waiting for you. Fan: no kids! JS: thats bad. What will your kids think if they heard that.

Credits: rt_et_dt
Translated by: TVXQSound + XIAkiss
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