Sunday, June 12, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160612 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Seoul (Day 2)

  • Fans scream whichever side Junsu walks to, so he did a 360° ballet turn on stage...Junsu then proudly picked a 24 year old fan boy, and gave him a big 'in-the-air' hug!
  • Junsu: "I always want to change my clothes on stage, but I worry all of your nose will bleed."

  • Flower wreath: Jaejoong and Yoochun's message "Junsu's song, Junsu's dance! You're the best!"
  • Junsu's going around the place lol When he's in the left side, he's asking ppl to scream. Same with the right side (cr:answud031226)
  • JS asked if the lightstick this time is good to use as a fan. While waving it, it looked like they're fanning themselvesㅋㅋㅋ
  • When he was in TVXQ, JS said that he practiced his Oyagi gags more than singing. He had a read many oyagi gag booksㅋ
  • Junsu practiced his a capella inside the restroom
  • Junsu sang a couple duet with Kang Sunghoon. They said that they both went to each other's concert :3 (blisS2_)
  • Kang Sunghoon went to JYJ's concert in Tokyo Dome before
  • He made a promise with Junsu that if both of them has a concert, they'll definitely attend it. He likes Love is like a snowflake and Reach.
  • Junsu said that he got popular (lit. appeared) because of his Oyaji gags in Japan when he was in TVXQ
  • Rock the world event . Yellow ocean
  • Triple encore with Magic Carpet
  • Junsu asked if My Little Princess was from the 1st or 2nd album. "Time passed by like this" (cr:ksi0817)
  • While changing the his mic on stage, Junsu said that he wants to change his clothes on stage too but the fans are going to have a nosebleed
  • The fans said it's alright so Junsu said that he has shame and talked about his privacy lol
  • When TVXQ was doing activities in Japan, Junsu did an oyaji gag on a radio show and he started receiving attention after that. On their next show, he started doing it (cr:ksi0817)
  • When he sang My Little Princess, he suddenly remembered that he used to practice a cappela before in restroomsㅋㅋㅋ
  • Junsu said that he's tired recently and saw a photo of Airport Junsu when he was going to sleep lol
  • JS: MLP's from what album? 2nd? Fans:1st! 1st! JS: 1st? 2nd! 2nd album is right! Looking at this, it's been so long alr. I dont remember itㅠ
  • Ah so a male fan gave Junsu a file during genie time and since he doesn't know any songs aside from My little princess, he sang it.
  • He suddenly remembered the one about restrooms and that's when he said that it was the time when he was active in JP for TVXQ activities and the time when he was known for his oyaji gags. lol

Credits: As tagged + XIAUNION
Translated by: Paulisteu + Vichellelicious
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