Saturday, July 16, 2016

[TRANS] Yoochun - Official Statement & Responds Compilation

< 13 June 2016 >

C-JeS Respond to Reports of Assault Claim

< 14 June 2016 >

C-JeS Official Statement

C-JeS Respond to Media Reports of Charges Being Dropped

Police Deny Charges Withdrawal

< 15 June 2016 >

Police Confirm Withdrawal of Charges Against Yoochun

C-JeS Official Statement

Investigation Of The Case Will Continue

C-JeS Official Notice

< 16 June 2016 >

C-JeS Official Statement Regarding 2nd Assault Claim

< 17 June 2016 >

C-JeS Official Statement: Taking Legal Action

< 20 June 2016 >

Complaint Officially Filed Against A

< 11 July 2016 >

Yoochun Acquitted + Transcript of Police Briefing

< 15 July 2016 >

Case Forwarded to Persecutor

C-JeS Official Statement

< Timeline >

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  1. I want to believe in yoochun but..
    Is it the end for JYJ!!!
    Ugh 😔

  2. Some people leave, but i will never. I believe you, your heart.

  3. We believe in you Yoochun!! Don't let them bring you down!!

  4. I refused to believe that Yoochun would do such a thing. I believe in him, I have faith in him! Park Yoochun hang in there, cause we Cassiopeia have faith in you!

  5. I swear every time I look in on K-pop something extremely unfortunate & disappointing has happened. If the accusers are lying that wouldn't be surprising; if he is a serial assaulter I would not be shocked. On other forums the believed falsehood of the 5 women's testimony is because they work in the sex industry either as hostess/companions or full-fledge hookers. On the same token, shouldn't the fact he has had failed relationships because of his wandering eye, casual sex with random women he's not in relationships with, & frequents these types of establishments in which he pays for sex or time with female campanions feigning interest (the former of the two which is UNLAWFUL and DURING his military service), bring his character into question just as much? If not so for him, then the accusers shouldn't be readily dismissed either. I literally stumbled upon Park Yoochun's ongoing case after a day of reading information & watching excerpts about the various rape & child abuse stories of US female entertainers of the past & the children of stars - long held secret.

    Reality is, we don't know who strangers, or even people we think we know, are behind closed doors; wether they are talented or have respected public images. Both the entertainment & sex industries are built & thrive upon gangster culture, fabricated realities, the sale of sex, & the abuse & manipulation of the weak & vulnerable by entitled self-worshippers. Predators use the leverage provided them from the disproportionate power of money, age, gender, connections, etc. Many victims go on to be perpetrators themselves or remain in a cycle of abuse, believing it is normal.

    Rape is wrong - point-blank, period. An allegation of rape from one or more people is a serious issue. If the suspect is guilty, justice should be served. Such outcomes may be deterrence to potential assaulters & shape a safer culture. If the accuser(s) are part of a defamation plot, justice should be served. As fraudulent claims irreparably destroy lives & act as deterrence for true victims to find their voice, furthering the cultures of fear & disbelief. Declarations of complete and utter devotion are dangerous & naive. A more reticent, thoughtful response would be to: hope greatly that it isn't true, realize anything is possible [good or bad], & wait for a legal resolution.

  6. There is a principle called Presumption of Innocence. But i believed that all of these are manipulated by one person in order to extort money. Rape cases should be reported immediately to the authorities,take medico-legal and not reported to the media before going to the authorities. I don't personally believe those girls statements especially that they are a lowclass whores. Why not try to earn a decent living.