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[TRANS] 160611 XIA 5th Asia Tour ~XIGNATURE~ in Seoul Press Conference Article Compilation

JYJ's Junsu vows to reward fans' love with uncompromised album

By Chung Joo-won

SEOUL, June 11 (Yonhap) -- Junsu of South Korean pop trio JYJ said on Saturday he is not afraid of going against the seasonal trends of the K-pop market, since making a unique album is the only way he can match his fans' support.

"Every time I release an album, I try to differentiate it from my previous albums, and stay away from putting up similar work with slightly different songs," he said during a news conference for his fourth and latest full-length album "XIGNATURE."

"Showing different performances in different work is my way of appreciating the people who come see me every time (I release new work)," continued the singer, also known by his full name Kim Jun-su and stage name Xia Junsu.

The South Korean heartthrob said he insisted on packing "XIGNATURE" with 13 songs, significantly more than the usual size of a full K-pop album.

"(Stuffed) albums may be far from the current market trend, but I know my album -- I stuffed my album as I always have," the 29-year-old singer grinned.

"Every single piece of the 13 songs deserves to be a lead song of 'XIGNATURE.'"

Yet the album did not entirely ignore market trends, he said. Although he explicitly proffered dance songs to impress concertgoers, he also tried to keep some ballads in the new album to reflect the pro-ballad atmosphere among K-pop fans.

"I was impressed that many of you fell for sweet ballads, like 'How Can I Love You' that I sang for the drama 'Descendants of the Sun.' I tried to reflect your preference for ballads in the new album, as you'll see in 'Is You.'"

The media event was held 90 minutes before his first solo concert in the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Stadium in southeastern Seoul -- a popularity gouge for all K-pop singers. With the two-hour concert, Junsu kicked off his Asia tour in eight major cities in South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

About 8,000 concertgoers from home and overseas swarmed the venue.

"I am grateful for the people who have trusted in my album and my concerts, especially when I make almost zero appearances in the (televised music) shows. It's simply incredible."
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Junsu mentions VIXX's Ravi and Leo's fainting incident in Mexico

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XIA (Junsu) Reveals His Top Pick For “Show Me the Money 5″

Known for being an avid fan of hip-hop himself, JYJ’s XIA (Junsu) selects who he believes will be victorious and take first place on “Show Me the Money 5.”

On June 11, Junsu held a press conference for his upcoming concert at Olympic Stadium in Seoul as a part of his 2016 Asia tour.

During the conference, he reveals, “I was captivated by BewhY during the last season of ‘Show Me the Money.’ I became obsessed with hip-hop. I thought it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was a candidate for first place [last season].”

BewhY is currently a much loved contestant on “Show Me the Money 5,” who appeared briefly last season as well. The rapper was also featured on Junsu’s mini album, “Yesterday,” on the song “Silk Road.”

The singer explains, “At the time, I became a fan because his rap was mind-blowing. When I heard he would be appearing on this season of ‘Show Me the Money,’ I told everyone around me. I think BewhY will win. In terms of ability, he is the best. I still support him, even now.”

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Junsu: "Since I can't appear on broadcast, I will focus on performances"

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  • Talked abt JYJ's flower wreath, JS said: "JJ still in army, haven't speak to him recently, but he'll give me all his support in there."
  • Junsu continued to say: "Spoke to Yoochun 2 days ago, he says he really really want to come and watch my concert."
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