Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[NEWS+PHOTOS] 160524 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Makes His Radio DJ Debut

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has made a debut as a radio DJ leading up to his comeback with his 4th album Xignature.

The first episode of Kim Junsu’s Melon radio show Xia’s Real Radio aired on May 24

Many fans are interested in Kim Junsu’s radio program and as much as he has a reputation of loving his fans, Kim Junsu plans to have a counseling segment and a “Special Genie Time” where he grants wishes of his fans. Fans are especially looking forward to how Kim Junsu will respond to the request of aegyo and LIVE singing.

Additionally, Kim Junsu also revealed his musical acting history during the radio program. In the “XIA the Musical” segment, Junsu honestly spoke about what musical acting means to him and which character he relates to the most.

Melon radio’s DJ XIA (Kim Junsu)’s Xia’s Real Radio, which aired for the first time on May 24, will air every Tuesday for the next two weeks through Melon app.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will release his 4th album Xignature on May 30 and hold a showcase on the same day. The showcase will be aired to Kim Junsu fans all over the world through Melon and 1theK.

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