Monday, May 9, 2016

[INFO] 160509 Yunho receiving the Special Warrior recognition certificate

  • The 26th division announced on the 9th that TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho(Jeong Yunho,31) was selected as a special warrior
  • The title of special warrior is awarded to only 1% of the entire land force. In order to be awarded the title u need to fulfill extremely high-standard physical tests
  • Private first class Jeong Yunho, serving in the army band, qualified for special warrior by scoring above 90 points in all 5 subjects of the test
  • The 5 categories for the test: Shooting, physical strength (basic & combat), mental fitness(written test), combat technique and frontline duty
  • Facts about the current special warrior test - Since 2014 the shooting test has been changed from fixed-target to random (in-combat). Physical aptitude for combat is tested by marching full speed for 10km in full armor (25kg) and running 5km in independent armor (15kg). To achieve special level for the written test on mental aptitude you have to score 90 points or higher.
  • As special warrior Yunho will not only get bonus leave and faster promotion but he will also be prioritized for honorable selections and other leaves
  • The award ceremony was held today
  • 26th division commander Shin Inho himself presented Yunho with his special warrior award certificate and badge

Credits: Yonhap News + mystaryunho
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  1. This guy is so cool. Why is my older brother such an underachieving loaf?