Saturday, April 23, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160422 Junsu - Jeju Fanmeeting (Day 1)

  • Welcome greetings: Toscana fanmeeting translations thread ✨ cr: jini119
  • Junsu said he's still not done reading Dorian Grey. Since 1000 copies of the book were sold in 1 month, there was a collaboration.
  • He said that its good that there would be a musical in Korea for Dorian Grey.
  • Junsu asked the fans if they waited for almost 4 hours for him and he's like "why? o_o"
  • Fans said it's because they had to get the seats first because it's on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Junsu doesn't do lower-body bathing, but he did it when he arrived at the hotel. While talking, Junsu: Ah, why am I talking about this? lol
  • When he came out, there was a question about his future plans and Junsu's face was like "dooooon't" lol
  • JS: Always... When I came to Jeju, it was raining... Fan: It's going to rain tomorrow~ JS: What?! (embarrassed) [cr:JJberryh]
  • JS: If it rains like this tomorrow, everyone is going to use their raincoat or umbrella, and I would too. Fan: No~ JS: Why no? Fan: (You'll) catch a cold~ JS: Ah, I'll be strong then. [cr:JJberryh]
  • JS: Oh... but the weather... is very nice. Fan: It's coldㅠ JS: Cold?! Fan: Yes. We've been waiting continuously. JS: Where? Fan: Here~ JS: In this place?! Why, why???
  • Fan: It's first-come, first-servedㅠ JS: Ah~ For you to get a seat? Fan: Yesㅠㅠ JS: Why... is that so?! Why... The difference if it's here or there... Fan: Noㅠㅠ JS: (didn't understand)
  • (Talking about Dorian Grey) JS: Ah...But talking about this...should be done tmr? Why am I doing this today? lol
  • JS: Use that mask pack (face mask). Nevertheless, everyone is beautiful already now. lol Fan: Why are you lauging!! JS: No no LOL I'm not laughing
  • Fan: Eyy lies~ (about him not laughing) JS: No. Really. Honestly it's because of the lighting. You can't see that well. Somewhat, the appearance is a little bit... it feels like it's a silhouette?


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