Saturday, April 30, 2016

[PHOTOS] 160430 JYJ Facebook + CJeS Instagram Update

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#XIA #JUNSU is watching
It's a strong #warning toward any illegal premium ticket sales issues.
Please string along with us for eradicating illegal ticket purchase and preventing futher inconvenience #jyj_FB

Dearest all

Hi, this is CJeS Entertainment company.

First of all, thank you so much you give us your interest and support toward the 1st ticket releasing of '2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOURCONCERT in SEOUL.'

Unfortunately it has been being found that there are illegal admission ticket sales for it, so we would like to inform it to you for preventing any further inconvenience.

We also would like to deeply apologize you with regard to any inconvenience you had when you try to save and purchase tickets on the 1st releasing section. We are truly doing our best to fix any inconvenient situations including illegal premium ticket sales issues.

All the illegal tickets which are sold at any different methods instead of the Melon, a current official agency of advance purchase for tickets are going to be canceled completely before the 2nd ticket releasing. Please remind of it and if there are people who brought tickets for the illegal premium ticket sales, we would like to give a strong warning to you all in order to cancel it completely before the 2nd releasing.

In addition, if a person suspected as an unlawful purchaser regarding this issue, the person must accept all legal liability, taking a responsiblity of the illegal actions. Please cooperate with us to get through this shameful issue and prevent any further inconvenience.

Furthermore, if you could find out any activities regarding this issue, please report it to us ( with a captured pic of it and any information such as person's name and contact no. etc.

We try to make sure the best service provided for any performance of XIA JUNSU, and the following 2nd ticket releasing.

Again, please string along with us for eradicating any illegal ticket purchase issue.

Thank you very much in advance.


5월, 매주 월요일. 씨제스타그램을 통해 만나는 XIA의 특급 티저!
#왜_오늘_안_월요일 #5월은_월요병_없는걸로 #정규4집 #기대되시죠 #기억해_매주월요일_우리가_XIA와_만나는_시간 #김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #씨제스타그램

Monday-are you ready?
From now on, an #exclusive teaser pic of the 4th #Kpop album of #CJeS #XIA #JUNSU will be released on every #Monday during #May. #Super excited! @cjes.tagram #CJeSent

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