Sunday, April 3, 2016

[FANCAM] 160402 Yunho - Blooming Spring Sharing Outdoor Concert




Dolls + You In Vague Memory


You In Vague Memory



Ending greeting

  • Concert is starting ^_^
  • Yunho just appeared at the side and fans were getting up and running there lol
  • Yunho asked who was single amongst the fangirls and then who was single amongst the soldiers and said rships can start now
  • Yunho is mc-ing with his mate. Mate said r u all here to see Yunho? Fans: yesssss! yunho: nono ^_^
  • Yunho's co-mc just spoke english to tell us to keep our phones on silent mode. Yunho repeated the same in Japanese!
  • Yunho just said in Chinese: are u all happy today? I'm happy today!!
  • Yunho just spoke 3 languages- korean japanese chinese - and the soldiers were like whoa whoa
  • There will be a performance of the chinese song 甜蜜蜜 (tian mi mi) and Yunho said my pronounciation is a bit off but tian~ mi~ mi
  • Yunho is introducing the next stage but he is nowhere to be seen. Just his voice
  • Just Yunho's voice again. It's kids playing tian mi mi 甜蜜蜜 on traditional instruments
  • Yunho rallying the audience to cheer when he raises his hands ~!
  • There was a ballet couple perf and now a tango couple and the soldiers r making a ruckus cos of the girls / poses / skinship lol
  • Quiz event!! If girl wins - its a signed TVXQ Rise As God CD - if a boy wins- it's a signed SNSD cd!!
  • One of the questions is WHEN IS YUNHO'S BIRTHDAY - it's addressed to the soldiers and quite a few soldiers answered!!!
  • Yunho: even though i'm SNSD's senior, i've also never received their signed CD
  • 2 Chinese fans won the TVXQ signed cd (their birthdays had to be recent and checked w their ID) ww
  • Bulmuri-band is playing Ariana Grande's Problem on saxophone and Yunho is at the side, grooving and clapping along
  • Yunho announcing the game event - for the signed SNSD and Tvxq cds 😂😂
  • The co-mc said the next stage is by the best singer in their division xxx but Yunho pointed to himself cheekily and we cheered ^^
  • Yunho: anyone who knows this song~?? (사랑하지만 tho i love you) Audience: ?? Other mc: i haven't introduced it yet. Yh: (cr:Brother_UM)
  • When Yunho introduced Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name - he pronounced it the Konglish way and joked abt it. And he sang it out too
  • New choreography, hipthrusts, handstand, rapping from YUNHO
  • So sweet, Yunho insisted the kids come out as well for the farewell greeting ;;
  • The drunmer is a guy called park changmin and yunho said as expected u cannot leave out tvxq ;;;;;

Credits: weare5thesame + snxy + HeeYun hojub + tsyt
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