Thursday, March 31, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160331 XIA 2016 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Tokyo (Day 2)

- Noon Concert -
  • Junsu: It's 12:30 p.m. today! It's my first time having a daytime concert after my debut as a singer.
  • Junsu: So, I'm going to do this with a more special and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Junsu: I was worried a lot because it's my first time, but seeing everyone right now, my worry disappeared immediately.
  • Junsu: These are not my songs, but they're my favorite. I sang 3 korean songs because I wanted the Japanese fans to hear these.
  • Junsu: Two songs are by female singers, but I'm not close to them. We have met each other though.
  • Genie time: O and X quiz
  • 1. You like the color gold for a car more than purple? - O
  • 2. You like to chew Natto beans? - O
  • 3. You like Hitsumabushi more than 장어덥밥 (rice&grilled eel)? - O
  • 4. Have you ever done astral projection? - X, I don't believe in ghosts
  • 5. During Dracula, your neck is streched(😱?) so do you want to wear new clothes? - O
  • 6. Will you come to Japan again? - O
  • Genie time: A male fan asked Junsu to dance Tarantallegra with him.
  • correction! Junsu: Sik Sik's age is younger than me by 4 years? Or 5 years?

  • Junsu says SicSic is very popular in Japan, he doesn't understand Japanese thus it's okay to talk bad about him!
  • Q: "Car colour - Prefer gold more than purple?" JS: "Only can answer Yes or No? So tough... Yes!"
  • Q: "Ever had out-of-body experiences?" JS: "No! I don't believe in ghosts..."
  • Q: "Coming to Japan again very soon?" JS: "How long is very soon? I guess so..."
  • Fan boy says he likes Junsu and Junsu hug him later! Full vid:
  • Fan boy dances with Junsu and Junsu hug him again! Full vid:
  • Junsu danced with this fan boy and got a hug from Junsu!

- Evening Concert -
  • Junsu sang Because I'm yours!!
  • Junsu: It's a song from the Dracula musical last February. This is my favorite song. Loving you keeps me alive.
  • Genie time 2nd wish Sakurai Mau Koro by Mika Nakashima (Around the time cherry blossoms are falling)
  • Genie time 3rd wish Uphill Road
  • Genie time 4th JS: Pls forgive me if it's wrong. Picture of you. This is my composition? Ah! It's a song I composed!
  • T/N: I'm translating dopi_yjbrownie's tweets.
  • An album will be released in Korea this May. There will also be a tour in Nagoya, Kobe, and Yokohama.

  • We couldn't hear Junsu at all for the 1st song =___= the audio got problem!!!
  • HAHAHAHA!!! Fans complained that we couldn't hear him, and after he heard what happened from sic, he said he will sing again!
  • Even the red curtains are pulled back and the L's chair brought back LOL!!! YEAHHH~ THANK YOU JUNSU!!!!!
  • HAHA! So junsu asked who thinks is his newest fan, and a lady said she became a fan last week as she happen to get a ticket
  • He said something abt 2 dancers since Tohoshinki time until now saying his jap is good? Didn't catch everything sorry lol~
  • Junsu says why does it seem that at the last show of every last concert day, he is being forced to do a double encore LOL

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Translated by: Paulisteu + Vichellelicious
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