Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160330 XIA 2016 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Tokyo (Day 1)

  • Junsu: I want to take my clothes off because it's hot. Jaejoong would do it casually, but I'm not that easy. I'd do it after 5 years! (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • Junsu: I'll decide the time if when will I strip on stage. How about after 20 yrs? Why after 20 years, don't you want to see my body? (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • Junsu: Anyone here who attended the concert for first time? There's only few today? During other times, a lot would say "meeee!"
  • Junsu: (a fan raised her hand) It's your first time? Because you live in Okinawa? When I was in Tohoshinki, I went to Okinawa twice!
  • Genie time 1st: OST for Descendants of the Sun. 2nd: The longer time I live (dracula musical). 3rd wish: Golden Star (Mozart) (cr:Dopi_YJbrownie)
  • (First ment) Junsu: I'm happy because I've always wanted to be here in Tokyo International Forum. It's like a stage for musicals.
  • ** Songs from Dracula and Mozart = oje wish only
  • Genie time 3rd wish: Because you're my woman - Lee Seunggi
  • Junsu: I want to do one more wish but there are rules, right? If I do it this time, then I have to do four wishes next time
  • Junsu: (talking w/ fans if he'll do it) I want to do the one from a male fan! Male fan: JUN! SU! Junsu: As expected, this male fan is good!
  • Junsu: When was this released? 2007? 9 yrs ago? You (male fan)! You've been a fan since you're 8?! It's been so long already!!! Rainy night!

  • Genie Time - Junsu says he's hot, so fans asked him to take off his clothes...Junsu said he has to wait 5 years later till he exercise and look like JJ before he can take it off!
  • Genie Time
  • 1) Descendants of the Sun OST
  • 2) The Longer I Live
  • 3) Golden Star
  • 4) Noona, You're My Woman
  • 5) Rainy Night

Credits: As tagged + XIA_Picnic
Translated by: Paulisteu + Vichellelicious
Shared by: DBSKnights

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