Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160315 XIA 2016 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Nagoya (Day 1)

  • Junsu: Welcome to 2015 XIA Best in Jaaaaaapan in Nagoya! Everyone, we finally met! You wanted to meet me, right? Again!
  • Junsu: It's been so long since I went here. It was two years ago, right? That time was in Osaka? I didn't say okay that it was in Nagoya.ㅎㅎ
  • Junsu: It was my first time coming here for my musical ballad concert two years ago. It's 5 years in Korea, and it was my first time in Japan two years ago. There were often talks if I'm going to do a musical ballad concert in Japanese for Japanese fans.
  • Junsu: Something like the stories that time~ I did sing beautiful songs. And again this time! For the Japan concert! Only for this stage!
  • Junsu: I prepared some songs. I think it would be good even if you waited for it. It's now the opening~
  • Junsu: L from Deathnote musical... Ah, this manga... everyone knows this. Ah, is my Japanese perfectly fine now? Is my pace quite okay now?
  • Junsu: (laughs) It was last year. lol. From last year's summer, I played L in the Deathnote musical. I received different awards as L. Haha. I also got a musical award in Korea! Haha. It's all thanks to everyone.
  • Junsu: By any chance, are there any people who went here to Korea to watch my musical? Don't lie. There...are a lot? Thank you! Haha.
  • Junsu: I'm going to sing a song from Deathnote. I'd be singing more Deathnote songs as we go proceed with the concert.
  • Junsu: Singing three songs consecutively, since I sang musical songs to ballads... how was it?
  • Junsu: This is a Korean artist's song that I used to sing before. Around three years ago? It's a song you heard in the December musical. I was preparing for it while thinking that it would be good if I'd be able to sing this on stage once again.
  • Junsu: [About Love too painful was not love after all] This song that I sang twice already...is not my song. Yes, yes, yes. It's a song of the Korean female duo, Davichi. This song is a song I used to sing at the very last.
  • Junsu: A famous singer among the ballad singers! Hahaha~ Yes, it's Baek Jiyoung! Haha. We;re not really close friends. Haha. Yeah, yeah. We have a connection... Is it wrong to say it? There's someone named Jung Seok Won from our company. That person is his wife. ㅋㅋ
  • Junsu: Are there any people who didn't want to come originally... but is currently here now?
  • Junsu: Ah, the atmosphere until now... Also your satisfaction~ How was it? Is it the best? Ohhhh thank youuu~♥
  • OMG HAHAH So Junsu said that some thought Doushite was his/their debut song instead of hug LOL
  • Junsu: Your three wishes, I'd do it on this stage! Everything! I'd do it all! It's a corner like that. So~ let's do this. Three wishes!
  • Junsu: THREE!!! Ah, this song. HUG! Ah, this is (my) debut song both in Korea and Japan. The Japanese fans know that HUG is (my) debut song.
  • Junsu: Some of the Japanese fans think that どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう (Why did I fall in love with you?) is (my) debut song. It's actually HUG.
  • Junsu: Why were the lyrics of Toki wo tomete written in Korean? "Here is the korean version of Toki wo Tomete!" is written there.
  • Junsu: Have you tried singing this song in Korean? You haven't? Then why....? Did you translate it? [t/n:............................. ;;]
  • Junsu: Well, the second wish would be from this area! Ahhh!!! You're here again? This man! He's a person who always attends (the concert)... Did you bring hitsumabushi? At first, he brought hitsumabushi with him. Haha. Ah, you only brought it that time? Anyway, thank you!
  • Junsu: Ah! Dance medley! My fans. lol. You guys really prepared. for this. Isn't it really amazing? If it's not musical ballad concert, I would have danced it madly on this stage. But today is a musical ballad concert.
  • Junsu: I can't dance. I'd choose again. The feeling of singing two songsㅋㅋ *pants* Ah... is...it...fun? It's...fun! It's hard. Haha.
  • Junsu: Haha. It's very fierce. ㅋㅋ It would be good I think if the you'd prepare something in the medium tempo next time. Lol.
  • Junsu: By the way, how many years has it been since Rising Sunㅋㅋ I don't remember it that much, but my body that time was quite flexible
  • Junsu: I remembered it. Amazing. Haha. It felt like a small test to you...? Thanks. Haha. So yeah. Let's go to the last wish.
  • Junsu: The last one would be from the middle! Ah, whose birthday is it tomorrow? Who wants it? You have a wish? Yes, yes, okay!
  • Junsu: Okay...so it's your birthday? Everyone, forgive me. Haha. What is it? Whose birthday is it again? What? Today???? Ah, tomorrow then?
  • Junsu: It can't be tomorrow!!!!! Even if it's tomorrow, happy birthday~~♥ What is it again. Isn't it amazing...
  • Junsu: "Please read Junko's lines that you used to do in a Japanese radio show. It's really cute." It's my charisma. It was when I was 23. I was aiming for charisma (that time)! But, all of this...? In Junko's voice? In Junko's voice... Ah, I'd do Junko's voice like this. A little bit feminine, right? HAIIII! (Junsu speaking like Junko) Ah, this is Aka-chan(?????)?
  • Junsu: Everyone's idol~~ it's Junko. ♥ What is this...? Ah, just a simple message? Ha... Junko...it looks risky. Junko.
  • Junsu: At that time, I don't know Japanese that well. Junko's a character...that was quite well-known nationwide.
  • Junsu: I prepared a stage with a jazz bar atmosphere. I'd serve you on stage for two minutes. A brilliant artist. Haha.
  • Junsu: It's only for two years, yes? Then on the stage this time. I tried doing it Japanese. I really do love Japanese songs.
  • Junsu: The expression and lyrics of Japanese songs are beautiful. I like the melody, too. So, please listen carefully.
  • Junsu: [Sings Sukima Switch - Kanade] I chose this after thinking that it's nice listening to it. The staff who heard it knows Kanade also.
  • TBA

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: Paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Let me tell U. Changmin wrote the lyric for Korean version. That's why now Toki wo Tomete have kor ver.

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