Thursday, February 4, 2016

[TRANS+VIDEO] 160204 Jaejoong - 55th Division Basic Training Completion Ceremony

A video posted by Seung Yeon (@ksy17kr) on

A video posted by Seung Yeon (@ksy17kr) on

A non-fan's account of Jaejoong at her brother's training completion ceremony

  • Was real honor for me to attend an army event and got to see #김재중 Heard my bro was in same division but such honor
  • I'm honored to relay this news.He sang great in cold weather, I was impressed deeply. Will support #김재중 always.Thanx
  • Daebak! He is really handsome...
  • Superstar #김재중 Was a sculpture walking around...
  • He did sing "Family Portrait"

Credits: 永乐票务韩国站 + btb_slllpjy_luv + cho_hyesun + ksy17kr
Translated by: crystalmoon64
Shared by: DBSKnights

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