Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 160209 Jaejoong ~NO.X~ Hologram Real Live Concert in Japan

JYJ Facebook:
Kim Jae Joong is coming back tonight :)
Today and tomorrow, Jae Joong's hologram concert where you can meet his 2nd album NO.X will be opening! Thanks to the fans for waiting. Looking forward to his album after the concert? Stay tuned for the 2nd album being released on FEB 12. Good night!
☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan
#KIMJAEJOONG #2ndAlbum #NOX #Hologram #Concert #Japan

  • Hologram!JJ appeared. First song is Just Another Girl
  • JJ: it's been awhile everyone. I'm standing here, dream or reality? (Laughs)
  • Breathing
  • JJ: everyone, how was it? (a song was played before this) (cr:shachong)
  • JJ: Do you think this album has a different feel compared to the last album? He pauses for a bit for every question ^^;; (cr:shachong)
  • JJ is playing the piano (cr:rinmaze)
  • He recorded the concert on the assumption that the new album was already released prior to the concert. That's why he was asking how was the album earlier.
  • Yuhwan, Gummy, and Junsu on VTR? (I'm not sure)
  • Glamorous Sky
  • Good morning night
  • Welcome to my wild world.
  • JJ: Is everyone tired? I'm tired. Oops. I'm a hologram so I can't be tired. www
  • Long intermission from the band so fans assume he must be changing his clothes www
  • Another new song
  • Love you more
  • Mine
  • Fans are confused whether they will shout for encore lol
  • There's an encore! ^^ One Kiss
  • Run Away
  • For this song, his voice is different from his usual. (cr:shachong)
  • Hologram Jejung has disappeared. (cr:shachong)
  • No one is leaving since the venue is still dark. They are showing the credits.
  • The fans sang 'Happy Birthday' in Korean.
  • Concert has ended.

  • The song "Do you know?" is a song that expresses the feelings of a man to his girlfriend when they're in a relationship. (dopi)
  • (Jaejoong drawn by his acquaintances) Yoohwan: Jaejoong-ie hyung has an unrealistic image, but it's also masculine and strong. I tried to draw him... Lips that are kissable and an unrealistic manhwa character image? (dopi)
  • Gummy: He really looks like he came out from a manhwa. His eyes are big, his face is slender and he's also masculine. Also pretty and his eyes are his "points." His long and large eyes and even his cherry-red lips~
  • Junsu: I think that he has intense eyes. And he has deep facial features. When you see him in the dark, it's to the extent that you can't see anything aside from his eyes. His features are feminine, but his built should be of a man's. When you only see his eyes, it's feminine. Jaejoong-ie hyung also has a thick upper lip.
  • Jaejoong: Everyone, you must be tired, right? Fans: No~ Jaejoong: (Looked like he's thinking of the answer) Lies~ [Fans laughed lol]
  • Jaejoong: Jaejoong: I'm saying that the Jaejoong-ie here is not the real Jaejoong~ (he's a hologramㅋㅋㅋ)

  • Hologram!Jaejoong: Isn't the new album released before this? Fans: It's not released yet 😂😂😂 (ichikinosama)
  • The planned album release was on 26 Jan while the concert was planned to be held on 4 Feb. (eternalyjjshii)
  • Yoohwan said Jaejoong has an unrealistic face, as though he came from the manga, and his lips make you wanna kiss them
  • Yoohwan, Gummy and Junsu drew Jaejoong's face and described them
  • Gummy drew Jaejoong with huge manga eyes and said that he has a masculine yet pretty face. She said he has wide eyes.
  • Junsu drew Jaejoong with only one eye and said it's his best drawing, let's just compromise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (JYJCN)
  • Junsu: Jaejoong hyung has a face like a sculpture. When he opens his eyes in a dark area, only his eyes can be seen.
  • Jaejoong: Please scream and dance with me! (but fan reported that they can't even stand up because they will block the screening)
  • LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!
  • Run Away!!!!!!!
  • Yumi (?) led the fans to sing Happy Birthday song in Korean to Jaejoong
  • Day 1 has ended! It lasted for roughly 1 hour 45 minutes.

Credits: Paulisteu + rubypurple_fan + yunjaery + rinmaze
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