Sunday, January 31, 2016

[TRANS] 160131 Yunho attended f(x)'s Dimension 4 - Docking Station concert in Seoul

  • Yunho attended the f(x) concert today ~ (cr:Red_Moon_921)
  • Yunho was wearing a cap and a scarf - he looked handsome (cr:Red_Moon_921)
  • Yunho rose frm his seat & participated in waving the penlights and cheering; even held the slogan for the event. (cr:Red_Moon_921)
  • Additional- Yunho wore an army cap; a scarf & glasses. -omitted prev tweets- It was awesome, really cool. (cr:Red_Moon_921)
  • OP had sat at C1 and said Yunho sat at C2 at the f(x) con today (cr:ultratvxq)
  • Yunho came with his manager (cr:MyBoy_Xing)
  • Yunho had stayed all the way until the end of the encore (cr:MyBoy_Xing)
  • Yunho was like a young girl, shyly holding up the slogan,cheering hard. It was an unforgettable sight (for the OP)ㅜ (cr:MyBoy_Xing)

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Translated by: snxy
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