Friday, January 22, 2016

[TRANS] 160122 Jaejoong to pre-release 'Do You Know' on 26th January, full album to be release on 12th February

  • Jaejoong 2nd album will release on 2016.02.12, total 12 tracks, self composed 2 tracks, wrote lyrics for 9 tracks
  • Jaejoong will pre-release one track ' 그거 알아? (Do You Know?)' of his 2nd album on his birthday, 26 January.

  • 1 new song from his upcoming album recorded before enlistment to be prereleased on 1/26
  • Jaejoong is giving away special birthday gift. "He confirmed to prerelease 1 song from his upcoming album scheduled to be released in February…
  • At midnight on 1/26! Since it's special gift #김재중 prepared before enlisting for his fans, he chose his birthday as prerelease day…
  • Preorders for his new album will begin on the same day…
  • New full length album will be released on 2/12 and includes 12 songs of various genres: hard rock, British pop, ballad, blues, etc.
  • He participated in writing lyrics of 9 songs including 2 songs he composed himself. #김재중 took 6 months completing this album for quality.
  • Title of song to be prerelease is "Do you understand it?" A pop describing the emotions a guy in love goes through Jaejoong
  • Unique vocal color of #김재중 shines in the song. Surprise gift to fans in/out of Korea who showed explosive response at news of his new album
  • Jaejoong prepared it in his extremely busy schedule before enlisting just for his fans. Album consists of songs composed by foreign composers and Jaejoong's own. Also includes songs he introduced during his last concert before enlistment sure will satisfy fans' expectations

JYJ′s Kim Jaejoong to Pre-Release Song on His Birthday

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong has a special birthday present in store for fans.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on January 22, "Kim Jae Joong will be pre-releasing a song off his second studio album, set for release in February, on January 26 in time for his birthday. As the album was recorded prior to his enlistment, Kim Jae Joong decided to pre-release the song as a special gift on his birthday. Pre-orders for the new album will also begin on the day of the pre-release."

Kim Jae Joong′s second studio album, which is scheduled to be released on February 12, contains a total of 12 tracks, covering a range of genres, from hard rock, Brit pop, ballad, blues and more. Kim Jae Joong put a lot of effort into the completion of this album, spending six months composing two tracks all by himself and contributing to the lyrics of nine tracks.

The pre-release song Do You Know? is to be released at midnight on January 26. This song is a pop song that highlights Kim Jae Joong′s unique voice and captures a man falling in love. This pre-release song is Kim Jae Joong′s surprise gift to the domestic and international fans who have shown a big response to the unexpected release of his new album.

A rep from C-JeS stated, "Kim Jae Joong was very busy filming his drama, while holding concerts prior to his enlistment. Despite this, he took time to make this album happen as a present for his fans. This album includes his own songs, as well as the songs produced by foreign composers. In addition to the songs he performed at his concert before his enlistment, along with various other songs, the album will defintely meet the fans′ expectations."

Kim Jae Joong′s pre-release song Do You Know? will be available online on January 26. Pre-orders for his new album will begin in the afternoon on January 26 through various offline and online channels.

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  1. anticipating... JJ amidst all these BE STRONG And HAVE FAITH ALWAYS>

  2. Waiting for the album #WaitingforJaejoong😄💕 #HappyJaejoongDay

  3. Can't wait for his album! Jaejoong Fighting!

  4. Like this song,i will buy the album!

  5. Like this song,i will buy the album!