Thursday, January 14, 2016

[NEWS+VIDEO] 160113 Hani talked about Junsu on Radio Star

On the January 13 episode of 'Radio Star,' Hani confessed that she almost canceled her appearance on 'Radio Star' due to the news of her relationship with Junsu going public.

The MCs told her, "We reached out to Hani on the evening of December 31. The day right after, the articles [about Hani and Junsu] came out. [Your agency] said the topic might be a bit [touchy] and begged for you not to come on today." Hani herself admitted, "I was afraid."

She continued, "The label told me it's better not to mention [the relationship]. But on the sixth, articles about my appearance on 'Radio Star' also came out (Note: I think there was a mistake in the translation. Article regarding Hani's appearence on Radio Star came out on the same day as the relationship article stating that she will be recording Radio Star on the 6th). I didn't think it was right for me to keep [my relationship] a secret from my fans, so I decided to be honest."

When Kim Gu Ra asked her, "Did [Junsu] agree with your view?" Hani replied, "He said that since 'Radio Star' is a show where someone who may be under controversy can becomes a topic of interest, it'd be best to appear on this show over other programs."


She said, "My Mom knew enough to tell me, '[Junsu] says he's a fan of you.' She is also a fan of Junsu."

Hani went on to say, "I went to see the 'Death Note' musical with my mom. [Junsu] himself got us tickets to the show. My mom came with me knowing that Junsu had an interest in me."


The singer said, when asked about Junsu, "I looked through all the comments after our relationship became public and there were more comments talking about Junsu's fashion than anything else. Everyone was saying that 'his fashion encompasses all four seasons (as in it's very odd)' but in my eyes, he looks cool."

Hani then gave the behind story on how she got to meet Junsu, explaining that it was all thanks to famous hacker / programmer Lee Doo Hee. Hani said, "I met Lee Doo Hee through 'Dream Team' while Junsu is friends with gamers and computer people. Lee Doo Hee caught Junsu looking at one of my videos. So Doo Hee told Junsu, 'I know Hani.' And Junsu asked Doo Hee to tell me that he's a very big fan of me. Afterwards, we got to talk after I saw his musical," and added, "[Junsu] is a really respectable person. Among all the people I know, he exudes the most bright energy."


Hani confessed during this talk session that she has never actually seen Junsu perform before they started dating. She said, "To be frank, I've never seen him perform live. My friend actually liked him more than I did. My friend registered for his official fan club and even watched his videos at a digital library."

She then shocked the MCs by saying that that same friend is currently her best friend. The MCs wanted to know how the friend reacted when she learned of her relationship with Junsu, and Hani responded, "Honestly, she was a bit upset that her 'Jun-jjang' was taken from her but now she supports us."

Credits: AKP + MBCentertainment
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