Saturday, January 16, 2016

[NEWS] 160115 Mayor of Seoul Steps into The Issue of Kim Junsu’s Absence At Seoul Music Awards

As JYJ’s Kim Junsu absence at the Seoul Music Awards and the cancellation of the Popularity Award is becoming a bigger issue in the online community, the mayor of Seoul is finally stepping in as well.

During the Seoul Music Awards held on January 14, Kim Junsu won the preliminary votes for the Popularity Award by 46.7 percent, although he did not participate in the event.

The issue, however, was that there was no awarding for the Popularity Award at all.

One netizen tweeted to Mayor Park Won Soon, “I would like an apology and a reasonable excuse to why the award winner was not invited to the event under unfair reason, even though he won the awards after 47 days of charged voting.”

In response, Mayor Park Won Soon tweeted, “I’m currently investigating the situation. I still remember seeing Junsu during the musical ‘December.’” In a later tweet he also wrote, “I am a fan of Kim Junsu.”

Credits: Soompi
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