Saturday, January 9, 2016

[NEWS] 160109 Junsu & C-JeS to Take Legal Action Over Malicious Comments

Junsu to Take Legal Action Over Malicious Comments About His Relationship With Hani

On January 9, it was revealed that JYJ’s Junsu is planning on taking legal action against netizens who left malicious comments concerning his relationship with EXID’s Hani.

The singer’s representatives are currently collecting comments that are spreading false rumors, libel, and slander.

C-Jes Entertainment told SportsToday on January 9, "After Junsu's dating reports came out, there have been insults, defamation of character and a spread of false information. We are planning to begin the process of a lawsuit against the malignant online posts around next week."

Previously, the singers were revealed to be a couple on January 1. Unfortunately, many netizens have since then left numerous malicious comments regarding their relationship.

Junsu’s agency has previously taken legal action against malicious commenters and is not expected to treat these netizens lightly.

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C-JeS Entertainment to also take legal measures against malicious postings towards JYJ

JYJ Junsu's agency C-JeS Entertainment is about to take legal action against netizens spreading false information and hate comments towards Junsu and Hani's relationship, but that's not the only lawsuit they're dealing with.

C-JeS Entertainment also stated on January 9, "We are currently gathering the materials of hate comments related to JYJ. We are planning to take legal action with resolute measure."

The rep added, "The hate comments towards member Junsu and EXID Hani's dating report has been so bad that we are planning to enter legal proceedings next week. In the case of all members of JYJ, [including] Yoochun and Jaejoong, we are currently collecting the 'malicious postings'. We will soon take legal measures against these 'malicious postings'."

Credits: AKP
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  1. Who would do something like this to Junsu and Hani? Is they're choice rather they're want to date or not. I was surprise when I read Junsu is in relationship, but I didn't felt anger or sad for them, all I felt was happy. To those reads this please think of how you felt if you heard these malicious comments about you? Do you felt horrible, sick or maybe frighten or felt like you're their target, no way out to escape that fate?