Friday, January 1, 2016

[NEWS] 160101 JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani confirmed to be dating

Local news tabloid Dispatch is reporting that JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani have rung in the new year by becoming a new couple! The two have liked each other for the past six months, but finally made it official on January 1. According to Dispatch, the 29-year-old Junsu made the first move of asking out Hani, who is 24. Reportedly, the two have been fans of each other for quite some time, and admiration turned into a closer relationship as the two got to know each other.

They were first photographed together at Han River on December 1 in Junsu’s Aston Martin 007. Junsu sat in the driver’s seat and Hani in the passenger seat.

They were also spotted spending time together in October and November. To accommodate Hani’s busy schedule, as EXID was promoting “Hot Pink” during this time, Junsu would often pick her up in his car when they date. Hani was busy with EXID’s “Hot Pink” comeback promotions from Thursdays to Sunday afternoon, so they would frequently meet on Sunday evenings and date on days where she had no schedule. They would most commonly date at Junsu’s home, where he lives temporarily with his manager. Junsu’s manager would also help out, and would sometimes come pick her up.

Hani and Junsu reportedly also spent the “couple’s holiday,” Christmas Eve, together. Hani also gave Junsu a Christmas present.

According to an insider, Junsu was the first one to fall for Hani. Meanwhile, Hani has been a fan of Junsu’s since his DBSK days. A source close to both of them said, “They are total opposites. Junsu is very sensitive, while Hani is very easygoing. You can see this in their fashion. Junsu dresses carefully, while Hani dresses casually.”

C-JeS has responded and confirmed that the two stars are dating.

A representative of the company commented that “In the beginning, the two began supporting each other in their activities through a sunbae-hoobae relationship and they gradually came to like each other. The fact that the two have recently embarked on a romantic relationship is true.” They asked the public to look fondly on the couple and added that because dating is a private matter they cannot reveal any more details at this time.

And after Hani's agency said they would look into it and ask Hani, they have also come forth with their own official statement.

Her side stated, "After confirming with Hani directly, she and Junsu were in a sunbae-hoobae relationship but recently started dating. They are maintaining a good relationship."

They added, "Last year, a lot of things suddenly changed with "Up & Down", and Hani was still lacking experience and did not know how to handle it all. Then, more than anybody else, there was someone who gave correct judgement and was a strength to her so that she could focus. She naturally became in a relationship with that person and they are in a serious relationship."

They ended with, "Please look upon the two with affection and warm gazes, so that they can continue to even more faithfully promote separately in their own places. Since this is a very personal matter, we request that you watch over them so that they do not have to be hurt from speculative reports."

Source: Dispatch
Credits: Soompi + AKP
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