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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 151204 XIA 4th Asia Tour ~YESTERDAY~ in Taiwan

  • Junsu: Da jia hao, wo shi Xia! (Hello everyone, I'm Xia!) XIA 4th Asia Tour in Taipei! Everyone, it's been a long time! It's really been long... We're seeing each other now, right? Even though it's been so long, for always welcoming me every time I come to Taiwan, thank you so much! When I came here for JYJ's tour, I visited the tallest building in Taiwan! I saw the whole city, it is very beautiful, and I have memories of its very beautiful night scenery. Really, I've felt that the the atmosphere of this city is really similiar to Korea's. In Taiwan, I think that they have a lot of delicious food! I was looking forward to eating a lot of delicious food from the time the Taiwan stop has been decided. From yesterday until the time I'm standing here on stage, I was eating. (laughs) But, everyone understands a lot of Korean words. Just the reaction before the interpretation... it just comes immediately? Can you speak Korean? *pause* Good! Amazing! [t/n: he said this in english] Thank you for welcoming me today. Until the end, it will be packed with good songs. Above all, this concert in Taiwan is the last one in my 4th Asia Tour. Because I have hopes that this would have a successful end as it is the last concert and I can have fun with everyone, please enjoy it a lot!
  • Junsu: Xiexie, the song I just sang. The Tortoise and the Hare. The Tortoise and the Hare... what did you say? "Please do it again." (Learning Chinese) Okay.... Dating in Korea... I'm talking again about my thoughts about dating in my own way. In Korea, the fans don't want to hear things about love and so on coming out from my lips. (laughs) (Taiwanese fans saying it's okay) Yes. These days... Always telling me... Oh... That I should marry when I'm 77 years old? Telling me that I shouldn't get married? Whether it's in Korea or China, everyone is dating and getting married, am I right? So, choose only one among those two. It's whether you will choose that we're not going to get married until 77 years old [t/n: marrying when they're 77 only, not marrying each other when they're both 77] or you will allow me to get married. (laughs)
  • Junsu: However, why do you all know Korean this well? This section in particular! Just when I talk in Korean, you understand everything! (laughs) I don't think this side needs an interpreter. Yes, this side also! This one, too! (laughs) The reactions are so fast! (laughs) This is fun. (laughs) I'm having so much fun thanks to everyone! You're really passionate!
  • Junsu: Every time I have a concert... disregarding the country, it strangely rains even if the weather is good! I was thinking of "This time too... no way... it's not!" (laughs) It suddenly rained today... also! It's destiny! I'm thinking like that. (laughs) It's really awesome. This... If I'm going to have a show for almost ten times, it's not the credible statistics, but there is the memory that it used to rain strangely for about 70 percent... it's really ironic. (laughs) Intentionally... The rain is needed in a country, so I must do a concert there... Every time it rains, I'm thinking that it's a good sign that 'alright, the concert is done' and I believe that today will also end safely!
  • Junsu: Everyone, you've waited for a long time. Oh... What should I say here in Taiwan? When I say 1, 2, 3! Everyone, please shout "genie time!" (laughs) Well~ 1! 2! 3!
  • [Genie time 1st wish] Junsu: Mirotic (Singing it)
  • [Genie time 2nd wish] Junsu: Oh... It's the first time I'm going to sing this song in this place. It's the first time since I recorded it. (laughs) It's actually been a while since I recorded this song. Time definitely passed by... (laughs) I'll sing it! Everyone, please sing it again! Staaaaaaart! (fans singing it) You know it well, no? (laughs) What, what, what? Yes. Uhhh... another one! Listening to it again! (laughs) (Junsu sings Dream) This song is called Dream. It's a song where the lyrics were written with a beautiful composition. What should I choose...
  • [Genie time 3rd wish] Junsu: Yes, that! Written there is "Junsu in red." (laughs) I'm seeing a lot of it. That... Yeah, yeah. I understand. (laughs) That... (laughs) It's reallyyyy been a long time. I know this. One. I'll do one more song. First of all? (laughs) Then another one! I'll do one more! (laughs) You gave another one, but it's a song from a long time ago that I don't really remember well. Anyway, that one. This one was really made well... With sincerity... Is that it? Seems like you guys like One, since there is a request for One here, too. Ah, I listened to the Japanese songs I used to sang. I can't read the kanji. I can only read Hiragana and Katakana. There's so many kanji written here!
  • [Genie time 4th wish] Junsu: There, there! Iron man! You are so beautiful is a drama OST from a long time ago.
  • Junsu: I'm nervous because I really don't know what's going to be requested. Even going to any country, coming and making it with good sense, I'm really impressed about such things. Thank you so much. I'll be singing a song that's filled with my thankful heart. Uncommitted.
  • Junsu: What's written there? Ah... I want to grow old with Junsu. Xie xie... Xie xie... XIe xie... I'm talking about the good points of the member anywhere. Anywhere... talking behind the backs of these members. (laughs) Today, I'll be talking about anything that everyone wants! Any place in the world... It's more interesting to talk about the bad stories than the good ones. (laughs) Anywhere in the world? The bad issue compared to the good one becomes...? (laughs) The... members... now... JYJ, us, when together is like this... How should I say this... There are times when we go to this place where we gather together like this once in a while! Oh... You know this already? I see! Everyone should communicate with each other! Then! Do you want another bad story? (laughs) That's a little bit difficult. (laughs) What should I talk about~ Ah, actually, I've been thinking of talking about this. Oh... Uhmm... Oh... My face... isn't that handsome? Oh, in my own? This... isn't bad? But, our faces... oh... is worthy to be overlooked at! The face that gives glow to my woman! I don't know, really. I can't find the bad points of the members. Even when I say that they're really handsome... (laughs) Those two don't really have any bad points...? I honestly think they don't have one, but I know that I have a lot of those things. (laughs)
  • Junsu: I went to the Shilin Night Market that I only heard of yesterday for the first time! Here and there... Ah, eating food in that place... I suddenly really wanted to go there while I was about to sleep, so I went out because I want to walk outside. Unfortunately, I only went to eat food... Ah, there were really a lot of of appetizing food, but is it the squid? Just grilling the whole squid? I wanted to eat that so much, but I wasn't able to because I was so full. The food like bungeoppang (fish-shaped bread)... I ate that! It's neat because it's not filled with anything. Then, it's just delicious. It was rather tasty that way! [t/n: without the filling] Someday! Oh... without anyone knowing, I'm going to secretly have fun there!

  • Hi everyone, I'm XIA. I Miss you guys! (He said is in Chinese) !!!
  • Junsu say that Taiwan Scenery is very nice!
  • Junsu: There is really alot of good food. Junsu had been eating non stop since he landed intaiwan
  • Junsu said taiwan is the last stop for his Asia Tour!!!
  • Fan teaching Junsu on how to pronounce Tortoise in chinese!!!
  • Junsu: Reaction of you guys are fast! Even before the translator translate it! Can you speak Korean? Good! amazing! Thankful for everyone who came here tonight. Ill sing a lot of nice song, please enjoy the whole concert. Most importantly, This is the 4th time I perform in Taiwan, and it's the Last stop of Asia Tour.
  • Junsu: Last performance, I'll do my best, hope everyone will enjoy the concert too!
  • Genie Time Setlist! - Mirotic (DBSK Song) - Dream (PSY Dream ft XIA OF JYJ) - ONE (DBSK Song) - You're So Beautiful
  • Fan saying Yoochun have tummy? Junsu: everyone will have it when they are fat. I have it when I'm fatter. Fans telling Junsu to take I'd off. Junsu: aren't you guys saying about Yoochun?
  • JS: I really wants to learn Chinese but it's so difficult.My bro can speak well. pronunciation of it is so difficult
  • JS: for Chinese language, the basic is difficult but as you move on, it become easier its the opposite for Japanese.

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Translated by: XIAkiss + Paulisteu via withxia
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