Saturday, December 5, 2015

[TRANS] 151204 From Star 【MAX】 Haha… Have you been well?


To. Cassiopeia comrades

Loyalty! This is X regiment, X Troop, X Platoon, X Squad,Trainee no. 54 Recruit Shim Changmin who is doing his best as a trainee, and even as the squadron leader! Haha... Have you been well? I'm managing well, too. While reading all the internet letters everyone sent, stories about the members of the society, the things happening in the society, the present condition of our Cavelys! Everything~ I'm checking it.

While preparing for the winter in the society, is everyone eating a lot of warm food? Not long ago, fried chicken came out as my meal... Whoa... I thought I lost my mind... In here, the "chicken and beer," "seasoned spicky chicken," "pizza" and so on... The "food in the society" that is as many as the stars floating in the sky feels like it is the "food of a new world."

Therefore, eat without leaving anything on your plate and be sure to exercise!

I miss our Cassiopeia friends a lot, our "Uknow ti~~me♪’ I miss Yunho-hyung, too. Thinking that "he felt the importance and appreciation on the things that I was accustomed to before me," this is a night where I'm having the thoughts of "Have you been well~." Ah... This night... This is a night where I'm thinking of chicken and beer also~

Since it's not coming off as a mystery while I frequently tell you about my army life, [then doing this] occasionally...?

Uhmm... I don't know... Anyway, I'll cut this day for short now. Well, then~

2015. 11. 28
Squadron Leader Recruit Shim Changmin

P.S The internet letter site* became paralyzed... It would be because of Recruit Choi Siwon, right? ㅋ ^罒^

*The training centers have this site where the family and friends of a recruit can write their letters to a recruit.

Credits: TVXQ Official Site
Translated by: tvxq_et_moi + paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Anyone can tell me when can I send a letter for changmin via internet ? What is the name of website ? Thank you

  2. I want send a letter for him too. what is the address of that site?