Saturday, December 5, 2015

[NEWS] 151205 Yang Hyun Suk Reveals Himself as a New Fan of JYJ’s Junsu

Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment has had a very great year. He established the group BIGBANG on top and successfully launched the new group iKON. International superstar PSY once again sweeps the music charts as CL’s debut in the the US market is moving along smoothly. Also, YG Entertainment’s representative stars PSY and BIGBANG both renewed their contracts with the company.

His ability to pursue calculated risks and musical sensibility have been essential ingredients to the company’s success. He sat down for an interview as 2015 comes to a close and as he looks into the future. The interview took place on December 1 right after PSY’s press conference.

After discussing PSY’s success and his latest hit songs, Yang Hyun Suk gets asked which other songs he is currently enjoying. He answers, “I like the song “Dream” which is dedicated to singer Shin Hae Chul. People of my generation have memories of him and can identify with the song. I actually fell for JYJ’s Junsu’s voice after hearing the song. I felt bad that I didn’t recognize his talent all this time. I can see why he’s so popular. I’m going to recommend that he gets on stage with PSY during his concert. I’d like to see him on stage myself.”

He then continues to discuss how BIGBANG and PSY are especially like family to him. Yang Hyun Suk comments, “The only people who call me “hyung” in my company are BIGBANG and PSY. Other artists call me “Chairman” because of our vast age difference. What I’m saying is, I’ll be seeing them around even if they retire or move onto other agencies. That’s how much we trust each other. We’re like family. Perhaps it’s because our relationship didn’t start doing business together. BIGBANG used to talk to me all the time from the time he was a trainee. As for PSY, he went through a lot before he signed on with us. We work well together because he knows tough aspects of the music industry. PSY and I always say, “Even if we quit music, we’ll still be friends.” We’re friendly like that.”

Later he discusses Park Bom’s surprise appearance at the 2015 MAMA before concluding the interview.

Credits: Soompi
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  1. I am so excited to hear this!! Almost brought tears to my eyes seeing someone with such a big leadership role mentioning Junsu and JYJ and appreciating him as an artist. While JYJ may never be able to go on Korean broadcast stations (which I strongly desire to happen), I am happy that people attitudes are slowly changing. A couple years back, you would never expect those words to come from someone's who is influential in KPOP music industry. I realize though, that KPOP and Korean music industry HAS ALOT OF TALENTED PEOPLE. I only hope that before the KPOP industry continues to grow and JYJ becomes older, that they be given the chance to shine in their natural homeland.
    I am thankful for the other nations/countries that embrace JYJ when their own Korea rejected them. If it wasn't for those nation, I may have never gotten to know the group. For those in Korea who support them and DBSK, thank you!