Sunday, November 8, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 151108 XIA 4th Asia Tour ~YESTERDAY~ in Seoul (Day 2)

  • JS: "Even though you all are not dating, the guys around all of you didn't take any action?" Fans: "No!!" JS: "Why? Come~ Let's talk a bit about this.. Why they didn't take any action.." Fans: "Because you're my ideal type!!" JS: "You all always say this, but when I receive fans' letters, it says getting married etc.. Why? Fans: "They're not fans!" JS: "So you're not a fan anymore once you're married??" Fans: "Yes!!!" JS: "Okay~~~"
  • JS asked teens in their 10s shouldn't they be liking EXO etc at this age~ Fans wailed and said nah, we just like you~~~
  • Junsu's vest's button broke open when he was dancing X SONG!
  • JS: "Everyone also knows, I don't really speak much on stage in the past.. There's 5 members last time.. If all of us speaks a lot, it'll take up alot of time.. Everyone's impression of me in DBSK is cute right? I'm actually the sexy one!" Fans: "Show us your sexiness!!!"
  • Genie Time - 1st Wish! Junsu looks at the book for a long time... Fans: "What is it???" JS: "Are you all curious?" Fans: "Yes!!!" JS: "I'm not gonna tell you all! I wanna see for myself and do it if I can!"
  • JS: "Where's the furthest you all came from?" Fan from 2nd floor: "Mokpo!" JS: "Is that even far?!? My manager lives there!" Then there's fans frm America & Australia, JS: "America & Australia is abt the same! Only 12 hours? I always go there!"
  • JS: "It's almost year end.. I'm starting to miss the members, although we don't meet very often before they enlist.. But once we meet, it feels like it was just last night that we met though we don't see each other within 2 months."

  • JS: those young fans (10s Gneration), Shouldnt you all be chasing EXO?
  • Mama fan brought her daughter to the concert. Junsu: What do you think about this segment? Fan: not bad. Junsu: Thanks
  • JS: Wait till there are no 10s generation fans, I will show you guys what i can't show now,completely showing my Charisma
  • FAn singing Boy's Letter to and with Junsu!!!
  • Genie Time Setlist! - I'm Ready (Deathnote) - Doll - Time Flows By Since It's You - Wear yellow Chick hat - Song Medley
  • Genie Song Medley 1) Boy's Letter (Fan) 2) Etude of memories (JS) 2) Love in the Ice(JS) 3) Thank you for (Fan) 4) Chajatta (ALL)
  • Junsu forgets the dance step of Incredible During TRIPLE ENCORE!

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: Vichellelicious + XIAkiss
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