Saturday, November 7, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 151107 XIA 4th Asia Tour ~YESTERDAY~ in Seoul (Day 1)

  • Junsu mentioned how now he doesn't have the stamina to dance to DBSK songs like O, Triangle and Rising Sun x,D
  • Junsu gene time, the 3rd pick asked him to dance to Apink, Gfriend or WonderGirls but he skipped cause he said he really doesn't know any
  • Junsu 4th pick is a booklet of drawings, something about The Greatest Love Of All and alsmfkala CHOKER AHAHAHAH
  • The last thing Junsu picked had a flower hair clip&he ignored it till we started chanting for him to wear it
  • Junsu took off the choker though cause he said it was too tight. He's looking at the booklet while wearing the pink flower hair clip, cute!
  • B4 he sung the last song fans were saying cute and he was like, why... ok I know I'm cute and lmaoooo
  • Looks like Junsu forgot he has the flower clips on his head, he's continuing to talk with them on and we are all laughing at him
  • Junsu uncommitted now! The hair clips are off, think a staff came to take it lol
  • Junsu during Incredible ! He went to the 2nd floor hi fiving some people, while some dancer threw balls at the crowd and he shot some of the slogan towels. Since it got really up beat and we were all standing and jumping
  • We all asked Junsu to hold an allday concert. now he's teasing us w/this being the last song but we are all AWW ing&he's making fun of us xD
  • Junsu is telling us that its ok to follow other idols&we said NOOO. Then we started to call him cute but he.. we ended up calling him cool ㅋ
  • Junsu is complimenting how we are the best fans haha :3
  • Junsu thanked us for being fans for so long and all, then performed Flower as the last song. We are all chanting KIM JUNSU again *^*
  • Junsu did another encore and at the end they showed the last piece of the video and announced his 4th musical concert dates: Dec 29, 30 and 31st!

  • Junsu says it's weird that it rains once he holds a concert, seems like he needs to change his name to "rain"...Junsu asked everyone if it's raining very heavily... Everyone said yes... JS: "Ahh, then today we have to quickly..." Everyone started screaming!! JS: "No... What I meant is to quickly enter the venue, not to quickly end~"
  • Junsu shouted in pain when Sicsic help to change his mic, he then unbuttoned his neck area. Junsu then said it reminded him of 6th KPCAA... His shirt was unbottoned till here (pointed to his tummy)... Just when he finally get to be on TV... In the end... Although very regretful... He protects very well today~
  • Giriboy came to sing 'OeO' with Junsu!
  • JS: "While preparing this con, I heard people asked if I should reduce some dance songs.. Considering my age and stamina.." Everyone kept quiet.. Junsu was not happy and said: "Why? Why are your reaction like that?" Everyone cheered for him!
  • Sicsic helped Junsu to put on his coat, Junsu kept talking and talking, and he took off his coat!
  • JS: "I'm not someone that's born handsome. When I debut 11 yrs ago in DBSK, whoever sees me says I must be singing well.. But as I grow up, it seems like I look better... Hahaha!" He apologised right after he laughed!
  • Bewhy sang 'Silk Road' with Junsu!
  • Junsu says he pays 8 out of 10 times when he eats with Jaejoong and Yoochun!
  • Junsu says he wanna hold a TALK CONCERT if he has a chance to do so!
  • JS: "I really used to think in the past, I just need to sing well as a singer. What's so important about looks? Because looks wasn't so important, "Airport Junsu" was created then..."
  • Junsu says he hasn't ate fried chicken for a long time, in actual fact he loves fried chicken the most. His skin is very sensitive, but it recovered after he stopped eating fried chicken. He then realised his allergy since debut was due to fried chicken... Fans: "Ehh?" JS: "We're different, I'm just like that~" Junsu said very pathetically that he will taste it with chopsticks when he really wants to eat it~

  • Hong kwangho (he played Light in Death Note musical) went to Junsu's concert today!!! (Cr Xia_hiyaya)
  • Junsu: it always rain when I hold a concert. Looks like I should change my name to Rain
  • JS: Heard it? the song I sang just now is Tortoise & hare, my throat is abit pain.
  • Giriboy who sang the Rap of OEO came to Junsu's concert today!!
  • Sicsic put on coat for Junsu, but in the end, he took it off again because Junsu talked too long~
  • Junsu: this time round while preparing this concert, I heard people saying that should I reduce the dance song? Need to consider the age and the strength now. Fans: *all remain silent* Junsu: whats with this reaction. Fans: scream!
  • Genie Time- Greatest Love of all!
  • JS: im not those handsome guy. 11 yrs ago i debuted as DBSK,everyone knew that i will sing well. As my age increases, I turned handsome too
  • Junsu forgets about the Flower and beansprout hair clip (from genie time) on his hair. fans are all laughing at him!
  • Fan can feel JS's stress during uncommited. As the elevator was rising, junsu's eyes kept looking at the Lyrics screen.
  • Junsu went up to 2nd floor and interact with fans
  • Junsu complained that he had to foot the bill everytime he meet Yoochun and JaeJoong!!
  • JS: Every JYJ Meeting, he always pay 8 out of 10 Bills,
  • Junsu telling those born in the 10th Generationto raise their hands up!!! Some fans raised up!! Really young!

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Translated by: Vichellelicious + XIAkiss
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