Sunday, November 29, 2015

[TRANS] 151129 XIA 4th Asia Tour ~YESTERDAY~ in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • JS: "Ever since I called Wonsik as Sicsic, fans will raise boards with his name in my concerts...I saw just now too, I don't know why~ He's looking more and more proper, and more handsome too~"
  • JS: "To those who are preparing to get married... You ask me to marry when I'm 77 years old on SNS. How old...are you? 18yo?! I'll get caught by the police!" Another fan: "Marry me!!" JS: "How old are you...? 49yo?! Love has nothing to do with age, I feel age is not important at all, every1 to be in love! I like every1! Really!"
  • Fan shouted "MAN!" after JS said love has nothing to do with age. JS: "Man is absolutely not possible! Gays pls note this!" Fan: "Yoochun!" JS: "Yoochun and Jaejoong is not possible! Because they are family! Family don't marry each other!"
  • JS: "Who came from the furthest place?" Fan: "Korea!" JS: "What's that?! Korea is very near! I'm also from Korea! When I asked this in Korea, the furthest was Australia, America, Germany etc. Very grateful to fans from afar~"
  • JS: "The song I sang just now is JYJ's song, 'Backseat', but I changed it a little..Hope everyone remembers Yoochun and Jaejoong in their hearts while they're currently serving army~ I talked bad about them after singing this song in Yokohama, so I won't say it today~ Talk about their good points? They have too many good points! Yoochun.. He has a very wide forehead.. People with wide forehead are very smart. Thought it's a little too wide.. This is Yoochun's good point.. Please cut this scene out! I'll start over again.. YC's good point is his face! Handsome~ a type where everyone likes, a type where no one will say "he's not my type~". Everyone really likes Yoochun~ Jaejoong is like a pictorial, perfect and handsome, really very handsome..Jaejoong is also warmer than anyone else! He's really a super nice person!"
  • JS: "Let's talk about my good points.. My face as an artist is really not very handsome, but it's still okay..It's my stage thus I got a little carried away.. 😂 Though I look very ordinary, I won't be lousy as a boyfriend. I also have a very approachable face, and won't get easily sick of my looks. I'll still show lots of charm even after getting using to it, I'll only show my real charm to my girlfriend."

  • Junsu saying SicSic becoming more and more handsome compared to last time!
  • Fans correcting Junsu's Japanese. Junsu ask fan how should I say it? Fan: TA! Junsu: DA? Fan: DA! Junsu: Ah?
  • Junsu: This is the last day, I shall pick one more. I didnt did 4 in Korea &Yokohama. (Fan saying Junsu did 4 in Yokohama too) Junsu: Didnt I told you guys to keep it a secrect?!
  • JS: is everyone happy with Intoxication? we will end genie time. Chatting with you guys, though its not perfect, but to me, it is perfect

Credits: As tagged + withxia
Translated by: Paulisteu + XIAkiss + Vichellelicious
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