Saturday, November 14, 2015

[TRANS] 151114 Junsu - 'Yesterday' Fansign Event at Ferrum Hall in Ferrum Tower

  • "When are you really going to get married?" 1. 77 yrs old 2. After 47 yrs 3. Year 2062 / JS laughed & said tomorrow (cr:Cassiopeia_1215)
  • "I'm confident! I'm handsome!!" 1. If you confirm it, do (pic) 2. If you're not, do (pic) JS didn't do the pose tho :x
  • Junsu said he felt severe hardships in his heart because of No reason. He cried because of it and it was embarrassing. (mymybuchu)
  • Q. Junsu, are you going to do Dracula? JS: ...Eh? What did you say? (cr:XIA_picnic)
  • Junsu asked the fans if they tried asking Siki Siki or his manager before m. He asked why they never tried it 😂 He sounded curious.
  • There will be no countdown for new year during this year's XIA Ballad and Music concert because it's going to end at 11 pm
  • "Oppa! How many black clothes do you have in your house?" Junsu: ∞
  • Junsu hugged and shook hands with an international male fan
  • Junsu: I'm not handsome. Everyone are you blinded by smth? Fans: EH! JS: I feel burdened because of the women in front of me. Fans: Burdened!!
  • "Please pick your pet that you think looks like you the most!" 1. Xia Leo 2. Xia Tiger 3. Xia Bakira 4. Xia Xiahki (he picked Xiahki)
  • (Fanboy) "My korean is bad but I can't ask many questions. Instead of that, can you hug me once?" A. Yes B. Yes
  • "Oppa, what do you think of your own image?" 1.Handsome 2.Cute 3.Sexy 4.Has charisma 5.ETC (he pick 4)

  • Junsu up on stage asking fans "where is this place?"
  • fan: Which is your favourite toes? Junsu: Big toe😂 (cr Moistpink)
  • fans bought a lot of cotton candy for Junsu today! There's Blue,White and Pink colour cotton candy just for him!!!
  • Junsu's second favourite song beside Yesterday is "SILK ROAD"
  • Q:Greatest Fear during GENIE TIME. 1)USB, VID and music. 2)Lyrics book. 3)wearing accessories on head. Junsu choose (3)
  • Q: When will you admit you are handsome? 1) Today 2) Tmr 3).Yesterday Junsu's answer is "Yesterday"
  • Fan: what is Jaejoong and Yoochun to you. Js: partner Fan: we are your partner too! Let's walk together. Cr 小于儿Ether
  • OEO vs Midnight show? Junsu: OEO
  • Married on 77yrs or 88yrs? Junsu: 77yrs
  • Musical ending curtain call vs Concert encore? Junsu: musical
  • Dracula Yes or No? Junsu: didn't answer

Credits: picnicxiah + withxiah
Translated by: Paulisteu + XIAkiss
Shared by: DBSKnights

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