Monday, November 2, 2015

[TRANS] 151101 Changmin's Birthday Message & BoA Mentioned Yunho at Jumping BoA 4th Fanmeeting

  • Changmin and Siwon appeared in the birthday greetings video for BoA's event today. They talked abt their enlistmentㅠ (cr:joo_ade)
  • Changmin said don't forget that there's only 18 days left before his enlistment with an expression like he's going to cry. 😭😭 (jumbos2boa)
  • Changmin also said "be happy and healthy." He was wearing black clothes~ (동동59)

  • At BoA's birthday celebration today, Changmin appeared in the VCR! He was really really cute!

Credits: As tagged + withBoA
Translated by: paulisteu + tvxq_et_moi + snxy
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