Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[NEWS] 151110 Construction Company Withdraws Charges Against JYJ’s Junsu

The Jeju-based construction company has dropped the charges it made against JYJ‘s Junsu regarding his Jeju Toscana Hotel. Junsu was accused of not paying back around 5 billion won (approximately $4.3 million) for construction of the hotel. Junsu’s side had denied the charges, saying he never borrowed the 5 billion won.

Attorney Yoo Hyun Joo, who represents Junsu, commented that “The police sent the result of their investigation, which acquitted Junsu, to the Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecution also judged that the charges were false after going over the police’s results and the testimony of the plantiff. The plantiff withdraw his charges at the end of October after recognizing the results of the investigation.”

Yoo Hyun Joo continued, “We expect the Prosecutor’s Office to reach a conclusion soon regarding the fraud and false charges. Since the charges [against Junsu] were found to be false, we expect the results to acquitt Junsu from fraud.

Credits: Soompi
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