Saturday, October 24, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 151024 XIA 4th Asia Tour ~YESTERDAY~ in Yokohama (Day 1)

Fuller translation of Junsu's ment here

  • Junsu: I am 30 years old already. I have said this many times, I really want to hold an erotic concert only for 19 years old and above.
  • Junsu: Are there anyone who is underage here? Fans all said yes. Junsu: Are you underage? Why do you look old? Fr. 端木不_小瑟
  • Junsu: This is JYJ's song. How do I put this? I am nervous. Because the lyrics of this song is very innocent.
  • Junsu: It'll take 4 years for JYJ to be one. We will become more sexual after 30 years old. Put it nicely, we are more matured.

  • Junsu is talking about making a "ero-concert" XD
  • Junsu: "I want to do concerts cos that's the only time when I can show the real me"
  • Genie Time ^^
  • JS: "This time everyone, is for me, if possible, to make all your wishes come true!"
  • JS (to a fan): "ok ok ok your voice is so loud"
  • He just complained cos someone showed him sometihing and "but I can't read kanjis!!!"
  • The wish is about "Death Note", Junsu is going to sing a bit of a song! Genie Time: singing "The Game Begins" from "Death note" musical ^o^
  • Genie Time: second wish is a song from "Mozart". Junsu singing "I Am Music" for the second wish!
  • 3rd wish is singing a song that Jae wrote, "No Gain"!, but Junsu doesn't know the lyrics
  • So he asked the audience to sing but no one followed so he was left doing "lalala~" all alone and was like "IT HAS BEEN 5 YEARS PPL"
  • Speaking about food now and he said that to him, Yokohama's image is "pork" X"D (then he apologized :P)
  • JS: "Next song is one that I haven't sung in a long time, pls sing together with me"
  • JS: (about Backseat) "This song is JYJ's song, but somehow we haven't even sung it in Japanese even once."
  • JS: "Maybe I should have waited from the members to sing it but it'd have been in 3 years so... everyone how was it?"
  • Junsu is saying it's gone in the blink of an eye but it's already the last song.
  • JS: "the song now is the title song, "Just Yesterday". It's written like a love letter from a man, please listen well."
  • Junsu: "Was is fun?? Fans: YESSSS Junsu: "Everyone was so into it, I could hear your voices well"
  • JS: "Being able to have dance songs, singing, dancing... that's a nice feeling right? Everyone, thanks to you.."
  • JS: "Everyone.. it's thanks to you I can stand on this stage."
  • JS: "During the opening, every time, I feel so many various feelings always."
  • JS: "This feeling of happiness, I have it every time, and every time I am thankful to you all."
  • JS: "Standing in front of this audience, I have this feeling that I can't give up and that I'm going to work hard"
  • JS: "Just by watching at you and being on this stage, I want to work hard."
  • Junsu is telling fans to go home cos some of them have little kids or babies and their families will be worried lol
  • JS just asked male fans only to scream
  • Then asking people in their 10s then "all people from 20 on"
  • Junsu introducing the next song now, "FLOWER"!!
  • ENCORE II! "TAXI"!!!
  • Junsu now thanking the audience and asking them to cheer for the band and the dancers
  • JS: "People in the 2nd and 3rd floor too, thank you! Everyone pls go home safey! Bye-bye~"

  • Sicsic went up stage to change wireless mic on JS, every1 shouted "SICSIC!" JS: "There's a speed difference between rabbit & hare yah?" Fans: "Hahahaha!" JS: "Why are you all laughing? I'm saying this very seriously, which animal does my face resembles?" Fans: "CHICK!"
  • Midnight Show: JS shake his perky butt! 😮
  • OeO: JS shirt button broke and subtly revealed his chest!
  • Genie Time 2nd wish: JS to wear rabbit ears and "Popular Man" banner, and sing Mozart! Rabbit ears drop while JS wears the banner, he was about to sing when everyone shouted "ears!!!" JS: "I know!" and wore them back!
  • JS adjusts his mic cables as they were entangled.. Sicsic quick come & rescue him! (duanmubu)

Credits: As tagged + duanmubu + korepo
Translated by: TVXQSound + yunjaery + Vichellelicious
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