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[TRANS] Changmin - Interview in TV Station No.22

The character I acted as, Lee Yoon, is a crown prince's son; who inherits his position from his grandfather. At first glance, he seems to be a playboy, who loves women and alcohol, but he's actually a man with scars in his heart.

Whilst in the middle of making choices for my last work before going to the army, I read the synopsis of "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" and found the storyline and Yoon's character interesting. I found it would be meaningful for me to play this character, as I was fascinated by the transition of the character's portrayal throughout the story. I wanted to act out his character, from his cute image towards the beginning of the drama to the battles he have with the vassal in order to maintain his position within the palace.

Since it's the first time I will be acting in a Period Drama, there were some difficulties I faced, such as the language we speak in, which is well-suited to the time period. Because we had to wear traditional Korean costumes in such hot weather, taking care of my body was the hardest thing. Especially because the time we began filming overlapped with the last TVXQ tour before we head for the army, I had a hard time. But my fellow cast members, starting with Lee Joon-gi helped me through it and I think that's how I managed to successfully end the filming. Everything I learnt from filming this piece was fresh and meaningful.

Many Japanese fans brought a lot of things for fan support and I was really happy about it. At the set, I've heard people telling me things like, "It's probably because of your effort as a singer" and "you're really popular". Hearing these things was quite delightful. I was really thankful about being able to film under the love and interest of many people.

There are vampires in this drama but this drama isn't just scary and it is an interesting love-romance. There are love triangles as well. Although Yoon is rich, good looking, and irresistibly attractive, Sung-yeol (Lee Joon-gi) is a formidable opponent. Please watch over who would win the battle! By the way, I am a type who constantly yearns for love and want to give love.

By the time this drama reaches Japan, I would be in the army but I hope my fans would observe my hard work and not forget about me. As a singer and an actor, I'll try my best to come back as soon as I can so I would be happy if you would wait for me.

Lee Joon-gi's comment about Changmin on TV Station

I was especially impressed by how immersed Changmin was in working on this drama. Despite not having much experiences on acting, "TVXQ" is known to be Asia's star, right? Changmin was working with a humble attitude, constantly saying "I must learn more". Looking at him, I realized as to why he is loved by so many people and he looked very charming.

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