Thursday, October 8, 2015

[NEWS] 151008 XIA Junsu′s Upcoming Album to Feature Cheetah, Giriboy and More

The lineup of featured artists on XIA Junsu′s new album has been revealed.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on October 8, "The roster of featured artists on XIA Junsu′s new mini album Certainly, Yesterday, set for release on October 19, has been revealed. The addition of rapper Giriboy to charismatic female rapper Cheetah and rising star BewhY has produced a high-quality album."

Giriboy is featured in OeO, a club track that features a powerful melody. Giriboy′s distinct rapping, an electronic melody and XIA′s vocals complete the dynamic song.

The urban R&B track Midnight Show features Mnet′s Unpretty Rapstar winner Cheetah captivating voice, while the oriental hip hop track Silk Road features BewhY from Mnet′s Show Me the Money 4.

A source involved with the album stated, "With the addition of hot musicians who are garnering attention on the hip hop scene, a high-quality, distinct album was created. You can look forward to these diverse musicans and XIA′s fantastic harmony."

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu′s album is set for release on October 19.

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