Friday, October 2, 2015

[FANACC+PHOTOS] 151002 Yunho & Jaejoong - 13th Ground Forces Festival Backstage

  • Yunho talked and greeted Jae's 6th sister. You can see that she's carrying baby Gunnie

  • YH greeted JJ's 6th sister, JJ greeted YH's parents. cr: bornfreeoneheart-
  • Look what this is, JJ came out of the resting area to the tent beside it, where YH's parents, fds and manager are. YH played w/ Seohyun (JJ's niece), YJ chat for a long time, shook hands & hugged, then JJ went to the bathroom (cr:ukey)
  • The 2 also high-fived, it was so natural ㅠㅠ They met agn afterwards & gave each other's arm a squeeze before leaving. (cr:bornfreeoneheart-)

  • Yunho and Jae hi 5-ed, they looked really natural. They met again afterwards, and held each other's arm before leaving src. bornfreeoneheart
  • "After Yunho & Jae held hands, Yunho said smth like sending a text msg, Jae replied go in and said smth like having flu" src. YJLB

  • When Yunho is MC-ing, Jaejoong is in the backstage inside the tend. And when the first event finish, they are gathering together!
  • They are together until Jaejoong has to performance on the other stage at about 01:48 PM
  • At noon, during Jae's performance, i saw only her Noona, i dont think his parents in that area. And the tend behind that stage is small.

Credits: As tagged + ukey + Kimslovey + ffany_jj_t via bentaher
Translated by: KatHearsJJ + yunjaery + _dorfy
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Wow... My dream comes true. Thanks for sharing...
    Love to see both of them together. Sssoooo... happy that they hugged and shaked hands...
    Hope they will meet again next days during the whole Festival events.

  2. Holy crap! Life cannot get any better! Take that SM! Oh yea!!!!

  3. best post of the year!! I'm so happy they're still on good terms!! <3 <3

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  5. from when knowing abt this info to now I still can't control my mood !!!!!
    looking at how YJ treated to the other no body can deny that It's NOT true that they didn't meet each other for years !
    대박 !!!!!

  6. Waaaaaahhh I'm playing catch-up here and I guess I commented too soon on a later post. Yay DongBangBro reunion!!! My eyes are sweating a tad bit. The accounts mention things I thought I saw in the pictures. Yunho looks a little nervous, Jae too in another photo. And that hand shake had me all excited.

    As far as how long it's been since they last met: I've met/reunited with people I've lost touch with or those I parted with on bad terms several years later, and we still have cordial to extremely friendly encounters like it was just yesterday we were close friends.