Monday, September 28, 2015

[TRANS] 150927 XIA First Love Fanmeeting in Kobe

  • Junsu said that since kansai accent is similar to korean, it's much easier to learn it compared to the standard language. (yurangrang)
  • Q. Did you eat kobe beef teppanyaki today? JS: YES! The lie detector said it's a lie and JS was "AH! AH!" XD (Yurangrang)
  • 2nd genie time wish was to dance from the back. Junsu didn't do it because there's no stage at the back. So the request is to now sing the
  • Song that he likes the most. He sang it with the lyrics given by another fan. Source said it's a THSK (5) song but she doesn't know it
  • 3rd genie time wish was to sing Miyuki Nakajima's Between the Sky and You. (Yurangrang)
  • Junsu danced Incredible with two or three buttons of his top unbottoned. His chest can be seen. (Sangsang1001)

  • Junsu walking around the inside venue of Kobe FM! He look so happyand shy, waving to fans! 🙋🙆 (heart_jkk) #XIA
  • Q: "Is SicSic scary?" JS: "Yes! He's very gentle to me but very strict towards juniors." Q: "Has SicSic ever said to you, "Hyung~ I like you~"?" JS: "NO~"
  • Q: "If Yoochun is a girl, would you marry her?" JS: "NO!!!"
  • Q: "Is your next musical confirmed?" JS: "Yes!" Q: "Will you have a year-end concert?" JS: "Maybe~"
  • Q: "You like your mom more than your dad?" JS: "Yes! Because my mom who doesn't talk much will get jealous~"
  • Q: "You ate Kobe beef today?" JS: "Yes!" He was electrocuted by lie detector! Cringing face, shouting in pain~
  • Junsu says he has more than 50 black T-shirts during Kobe FM! OMG that's a lot! 😨😲😂 (DC JYJ)
  • Kobe 1st FM - GENIE TIME! 🌟🌟 1) Go round inside venue 2) Sang Japanese song 3) Sang 'Between The Sky and You'
  • 2nd FM - GENIE TIME! ✨✨ 1) Walk around inside venue 2) Sang 'Uncommitted' 3) Danced 'Intoxication'
  • Junsu says when JYJ performs together, they're in good condition once on stage, as they're relaxed and not nervous backstage~
  • JS thanks fans in Japanese while giving out postcard... KR fan appeared, JS panicked: "Ehhh?? Ahhh??", then thanks her in KR

  • Q. the next musical has been decided? JS: YES cr.NONSOO_0514
  • Junsu called anpanman as anpenman lol ©xiahappy1215
  • Q. As a man do you like Sikisiki? JS: No ©xiahappy1215 (Note: Sikisiki/sicsic wis bodyguard Wonsik)
  • Cute or Cool, both is okay. ©xiahappy1215
  • Q. Will you have a concert at the end of this year? JS: Maybe lol ©xiahappy1215
  • JS: I went to Oedo Onsen. We, 4 men, went to the entrance of the hot spring to take off our clothes. But I was surprised there was a woman
  • JS: When I was taking off my clothes in the dressing room, the door was opened, I was truly surprised. But I'm confident of my body. cr. 101minsu56

  • Q: is sic sic scary? Js: Yes! He treats me Very nice but strict towards juniors
  • Q: Did Sic Sic sat "I like you" before? JS: No~
  • Q: if "Yoochun" is a female will you marry him? A: NO!!!!
  • Q: is the upcoming Musical Confirmed? Js' Yes! Q:Will there be year end con this year? A: YEA maybe.
  • Junsu: Oct concert will be a great one
  • Q: compared to your dad, you like your mom more? A: yes (if I don't say this answer, my mom will be jealous
  • Junsu actually passed the lie detector test (without being shock) for the last few times. He failed on the question about food.
  • Q. Did you tried Kobe's beef today? JS:Yes! (And got electric shock by the lying detector)
  • GENIE TIME (afternoon session) 1) walk around the venue 2) Uncommitted 3) Danced Intoxication
  • GENIE TIME Morning session - Am 1) walk around the venue 2) Japanese song. 3) 空と君のあいだに
  • At first Junsu wanted to dance but he chose not to as the stage is low, he's afraid fans behind can't see it.
  • When JYJ performs together,backstage is relaxing&not nervous. So he's in his best condition on stage
  • Compared to Disneyland, he prefers Universal studios even more.
  • Junsu kept saying Arigatou in Japanese while giving Postcard to fans! But when its the turn for a Korean fan. Junsu panicked and sais Kamsahamnida to her.

Credits: As tagged + heart_jkk
Translated by: XIAkiss + bigeastonao + paulisteu + Vichellelicious
Shared by: DBSKnights

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