Thursday, September 17, 2015

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] 150917 Changmin in Amsterdam

Info: "Justin Levai 20 year old DJ/Producer and Vocalist"

With brotha changmin

With my brothers Jae, Mihawk and changmin at the Heineken Brewery Factory yesterday!

Last picture of yesterday. Goodnight world 🙏

So awesome !

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Heineken museum was really fun with brothers 🙏👌

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Arrive in Amsterdam

beatburgerjae: Just 1 Day. #inAmsterdam

beatburgerjae: Morning in Amsterdam #inAmsterdam #Rainyday

beatburgerjae: 2nd Day. #심심백투어

beatburgerjae: In Amsterdam. #inAmsterdam #심심백투어

Credits: justinlevai + beatburgerjae + since070713 + maknae_min
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