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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150825 JYJ 2015 Membership Week Fanmeeting

2nd session with Korean fans - 7:30PM

  • MC asked who came up with JYJ name. YC says it's JS. JS says it's not him, it's JJ. MC says JJ is not here, don't push all to him. JS then said: "No no... Firstly, I'm very sure it's not me..." YC continued to said it's not him either...
  • Even though they're called JYJ, because YC don't like to be in the middle, JJ will always be in the middle. MC then suggests to change places... JS to sit in the middle... He kept getting distracted ever since
  • JS says his waist hurts after walking so much, he went to see a doc. Everyone knows my butt is very perky... [he then showed his butt] Because my butt is very perky, my waist gets very nervous when I walk... So it hurts when I walk too much...
  • JS says JJ is the first to enlist among the 3 of them. JS was actually very worried for JJ, but seeing JJ adapting well, JS is assured
  • Junsu says he has quit eating fried chicken! Because he heard from people, his body mass is unsuitable to eat it, so he quit!
  • YC says during overseas activities, JS room will always have KFC! 🐓 JJ and his room will always have whisky!
  • YC was too nervous and broke his pepero stick! JS held onto YC neck with both hands! (pepero game)
  • JS and YC lost in one of the games. Both have to be punished. JS punishment is to confess. YC act as the director... They keep NG. JS manage to set the mood right, YC ran to JS, kneel down and can't stop laughing!!!
  • Time for YC punishment. JS is his director. YC drop tears naturally and instantly at his 3rd attempt! DAEBAK!
  • Jaejoong wrote a letter for Korean FM, it's titled "MY 2 BELOVED PEOPLE".

  • Fans all rehearsing songs for Yuchun today!!!
  • Junsu dances Gagman Trending dance!
  • Mc: who think of "JYJ" this name. Yc: Should be Junsu. Junsu: No not me, its Jaejoong. MC: Jaejoong is not here, so don't push everything to Jaejoong!! JS: i can confirm its not me. Yc: its not me too
  • YC: becausw he dont like to me in the Middle, although they are named JYJ,But its Jaejoong who will be in the Middle.
  • 2nd Memories point is "Just Another Girl" , "Flower & Just Us video gotten runner up for 1st place. Junsu, of cos im happy as though i cant get the first place, runner up is better than nothing
  • Yuchun and Junsu sang "Found You"
  • YC: when listening music in the past,he will tend to imagine how to perform and do better on stage. But suddenly this motivation is gone. When coming here today, i was thinking why i dont have this thought already.
  • Beforw the biscuit game starts, Junsu was biting the Biscuit while waiting for Yuchun to come.
  • Yuchun kept mumbling while playing the biscuit game. He was nervous till even break his biscuit
  • First round of game Junsu Won! Yuchun punishment was to sing without background music.
  • Yuchun sang "3 Songs! 1) "The girl who see smell" Drama theme song 2) Junsu's Incredible 3) love is like snowflake
  • Yuchun said he love Junsu's Love is like Snowflake Song the most! Junsu was helping YC With the lyrics while singing!!!
  • Junsu won the 2nd round game too! Post It pad game~ JS: 3 left YC: 4 Left
  • Yuchun lose the Third round. Punishment is to make Members laugh!!!
  • This time round both Junsu & Junsu lose and given punishment
  • Junsu's Punishment is confession. YC: act as a Director and making difficulties for Junsu, tbus many times of NG!!
  • Junsu run over to Yuchun and Kneeled in front of him amd all burst out laughing
  • Junsu as director this time. Order Yuchun to cry and YC cried out immediately!!!!
  • Junsi revenge back to Yuchun by shouting NG when the Music and atmosphere feel was getting there 
  • Yuchun will shave/cut his hair after Fanmeet!!!! (pic of YC after FM)

  • Fanmeet is finished now. Yuchun said he's going to cut his hair from now ⓒzannuooo
  • A pic of HUG appeared from fans in FB, MC askd YC "r u trembling tt time?" hearing tt, YC answerd "all 5 of us r nervous tt time" ⓒksi0817

  • Yoochun: Whenever there is overseas activities, Junsu's room will be full of KFC, while mine and Jaejoong's room will be full of whiskeys
  • Jaejoong wrote another letter to Yoochun and Junsu, and the name of the letter is "the two people whom I love the most" ㅠㅠ src. KISS_JYJ

  • Yoochun asked whether anyone watched Infinite Challenge, then he sang a part of JYP and Yoo Jae Suk's song - "I'm so sexy~" 😁👍🏼 cr:佳能乃朴有天正室
  • Yoochun did the Saranghae saranghae song and filmed it. He's gonna upload it after the FM ends
  • Yoochun lost the thigh wrestling game and he has to make Junsu laugh as the punishment. JS laughed straight away 😂👍🏼 cr: answud031226
  • Both of them lost the game. JS's punishment is to give a confession and YC's punishment is random. Lol
  • Junsu confessing to a girl called Eundong, YC came up with that name. YC said NG when JS when running towards him
  • Junsu was going to something but Yoochun said NG! haha and said it wasn't sincere xD LOL such a tease!!
  • Jae wrote letters to Chun and Junsu. And they're reading it out
  • The 2 person whom I respect " 2 person who r warm " 2 person who I love " Hyung can live bcuz of both of u JJ toYC&JS
  • Jae was supposed to receive days off but he went back because he was called
  • Junsu is singing the song "Last" which is from Death Note musical
  • Yoochun's solo now and he's singing Walking with her in Spring
  • We're here because of everyone being here -JS-
  • Fans shouted "Yoochun we'll wait for you" and sang Boy's letter altogether.

  • YC said he doesn't like being in the middle so, despite the name JYJ, JJ is the one who's in the middle. (cr:mickynews64)
  • Yuchun lifts his right leg on his left then keeps changing (cr:mickynews64)
  • Showing videos of Yuchun winning his Best New Actor awards
  • Yuchun's arms are crossed at his waist as he sits still with this arms folded (cr:mickynews64)
  • Yuchun put his right hand on the chair slightly behind his waist, touches his nose gently and licked his bottom lip (cr:mickynews64)
  • Yuchun likes watching documentaries such as conspiracy theories about whether did human really set foot on the moon. [via mickynews64]
  • Looking at the pic of himself wearing a shoulder-length curly wig, YC said, "Don't know, can't recall." [via mickynews64]
  • YC said during overseas activities, JS's room is always filled with KFC and JJ's room and his own room are filled with Whisky

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1st session with Japanese fans - 2:00PM

  • MC asked during greeting, if they're happy to see many fans, if JP fans are cute, JS: "Cute! Theme of FM: Impt Memories."
  • JS says "Penzal Q, thank you" was arranged by JJ. It was meant for YC, but YC didn't like it so... JS got angry!
  • YC says he likes JS in black hair with blown up fringe! YC likes it the most when JS sings ballads (with this hairstyle)!
  • JS talked about photos auction: "I've bid on many dangerous pics! Don't release those pics if you manage to bid them!"
  • YC says JJ and him has the most skinship, JJ will hug and chuchu him! JJ will definitely chuchu YC when he's drunk! YC said JS used to keep touching his butt, YC will say "What's up Junsu", JS will then say "YC you've changed…"
  • YC says he's very touched when he hear JS sings during rehearsal. Only 1 in 100 yrs you find some1 that sings this well.
  • YC sang JS song, 'Love Is Like A Snowflake'! JS once sang this song to YC over the phone at one of YC birthday as a gift!
  • JS lost the 1st game, he was punished to do “chur~~”, YC demonstrated how to do it! YC lost the 2nd game, he was punished to dance ! Danced very well! JS smiling away happily~~

  • MC: What if the girl you like has a headache? Yoochun *acting*: Jun-chan, I have a headache~~ src. 薇鸯竹落 
  • Yoochun: Jaejoong always touch and kiss us, especially when he's drunk, he'll keep kissing us. Src. vicky
  • Yoochun: Jaejoong always touch our butts. On the lift, he'd stand behind me and call me "cute Yoochun" HAHAHHAHAHA src. Vicky
  • Q: Will you be nervous before a concert starts? Yoochun: No, because Jaejoong and Junsu are around. Src. 薇鸯竹落
  • Yoochun is reading Jaejoong's letter. When he received the letter he asked why isn't it money HAHAHAHHAHA Src. 薇鸯竹落
  • Jaejoong's letter: When I'm doing something I think of all of you.. Yoochun is laughing because Jaejoong's letter is "too cute" Src. 薇鸯竹落
  • "You will burst out laughing within 10 secs of reading Jaejoong's letter. Someone (Yoochun) laughed until his tears are out." 😂 src. 薇鸯竹落

  • Yuchun said a person like Junsu who can sing so great is only 1 in 100years ⓒmicky0423
  • Then Yuchun said that they didn't chuu(kiss) only on the verge. but Junsu snorts xD ⓒmicky0423
  • What if a girl head hurts? YC: What's wrong? Just sleep! ⓒmicky0423
  • How is it to meet japanese fans? YC: I'm happy JS: They're cute ⓒmicky0423
  • Junsu was so embarrassed when they watched Benzal Q CM, but yuchun was laughing ⓒmicky0423
  • Yuchun did Benzal Q Thank Q and said JS is better but he refused. Hearing that, JS seems mad and said 'It's because your fault' ⓒmicky0423
  • Junsu finally did Benzal Q Thank Q ⓒmicky0423
  • when asked to stick the sticky note to any place he likes, Junsu sticked it onto Yuchun's forehead ⓒRinmaze
  • in the end, Yuchun lose the pocky game and he got a punishment

  • Yuchun wearing a shirt with "Black Tie" picture on it, Black Pants and Fringe is up! Junsu wears Grey!
  • MC: Are you happy seeing so many Fans & Is Japanese Fans Cute? Junsu: Cute! 
  • The Theme for this year FM is "Important Memories"!
  • Junsu said There is Eraser in Yuchun's Head!!!
  • MC: What if your Girlfriend is having Headache? YC started acting saying Jun Chan~~ Im having headache
  • Junsu: We will bicker over small thi gs, but will be fine after touching each other butt
  • MC: Will you be nervuous before performance? YC: No, As there is Junsu and JaeJoong Around!!
  • Yuchun say Jaejoong had the most skinship with Him. JJ will Hug and even Kiss Him!! He will definitely Kiss when he is drunk!
  • YC: But in the past, Junsu kept touching his butt. YC: What are you doing? JS: Yuchun, you had changed.
  • Junsu: There is alot of "Dangerous" Pics at the biding gallery. Please do not share out if you got it. 
  • Yuchun reading JaeJoong's Incoming Message!!
  • YC: Junsu makes rhythm fast and professional. A Genius! Both of us are 30 yrs ood guy and still acting cute.
  • YC: Junsu can do Gwiyomi till 50++ years old!
  • YC reading JJ's letter and said why isn't it money.
  • Seems like the letter that JJ write will be given to Lucky Fan!!!!!
  • Junsu Bided on alot of "Dangerous”Pictures。and telling fans not to show the pics out if they saw it.
  • Yuchun Song Time: MC use the towel to wiipe your sweat. Yuchun replied, is for cleaning my mucus
  • Junsu say Yuchun is great. Yc was busy acting and singing is still so good. Yuchun: I had been practicing in order to please Junsu!!
  • Yuchun & Junsu Game Time! Both biting the end of a biscuit stick and see who have the longest length
  • Yuchun said this is the first time they look at each other so closely!!
  • Yuchun lose the thrid round of Game!! Punishment was to imitate JYJ!!
  • During 2nd round of game, Junsu lose. Punishment was to do "CHUR" where YC demonstrate it first
  • Junsu Sang "Deathnote" Musical Song!!!
  • Pasting Post-It note on each other's Face and removing it without using hands.
  • JS request to stick it on his forehead. So all 10 post it pad was stick on his face. In the end he only manage to remove 1 out of 10!!
  • Yuchun lose the game and was punished to dance incredible!!!!
  • Yuchun: I Am Junsu's Biggest/No 1 Fan!!!
  • Yuchun was holding his laughter till the letter drop to the ground, He nearly fell down while picking it up!!

Yoochun reading out Jaejoong's letter

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