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[TRANS] Park Yoochun recording "The Piano of Miracles”: 4 hours of tears-induced NGs

“I’m sincerely sorry, let’s take a small break. It wells up inside my chest and the tears* keep coming out. I don’t know myself why I’m like this.”

This is the back story behind the topic of the singer and actor Park Yoochun’s several NGs during the recording of its narration part in the documentary [The Piano of Miracles].

At that time, information regarding Park Yoochun’s appearance in the studio where the recording would take place had widely spread. Last month Yoochun showed up together with his manager in Sinsa-dong streets (Gangnam, Seoul), where Lead Sound studios are located, in order to record the narration for the documentary [The Piano of Miracles] that retraces the growth of the blind pianist genius Ye Eun.

In 2008**, Park Yoochun was active as DBSK and appeared on the night program “Kim Jeong-Eun’s Chocolate”**. Ye-Eun – who became famous since – accompanied him on the piano while Park Yoochun sang a pop song, and they harmonized together. By participating in the narration of the documentary [The Piano of Miracles], Park Yoochun got to contact Ye Eun and her family – who are featured in the movie – for the first time in 7 years***.
In the second half of the documentary, seeing Ye Eun on the screen as a junior high school student, his emotions overwhelmed him.

“Ye-Eun has grown up this much already?”, he showed his surprise when he watched her participating in a competition. And while looking at her, who had lost her sight, and her bright expression, more innocent and cheerful than anyone else, he was holding back but there were tears in his eyes.

“Originally we thought that it would take around 30 minutes”, a staff from the recording studio said, “but Yoochun-sshi was suppressing his emotions and had to adjust his tone, so there were a lot of NGs and it took four hours to complete. On stage he’s a Hallyu star who overpowers the atmosphere, but looking at him during the recording, he was a very humble and genuine young man.”

The representatives of the film company that wanted to produce [The Piano of Miracles] spoke up as well: “During the negotiations for the narration eight months ago, we were surprised when Park Yoochun answered positively without any conditions. “By having a lot of people watch this movie and cheer for Ye Eun through it, it’d be great if we could make a path so that she can always make music happily just like she is doing now”, Yoochun said, and he completed the work.”

[The Piano of Miracles] is distributed by Lotte Entertainment. It will be presented at the 11th Jecheon International Music Film Festival, and premiered on the 14th in Jecheon MegaBox. To be released on September 4th.

T/N: *literally: “the hot thing coming out”, which could mean either tears or a particularly overwhelming feeling.
**The articles states it was “Star King” in 2007 which is the actually the show that made Ye Eun famous. I chose to change that piece of information in the translation and refer to the show she appeared on with DBSK because it seemed to make more sense to me. Same goes for the “7 years” in the next sentence, which was written as “8 years” in the original article.


Credits: Osen + K-Movie Trailer
KR-JP translation by: sapporo-mmm ameblo
JP-EN translation by: TVXQSound
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